Kim Kardashian Gets the Sweetest Gift from Kanye for First Mother's Day (PHOTO)

I've got to hand it to him: Kanye West did well. We all know the man can afford to get fiance Kim Kardashian any diamond whatever she could possibly want in order to show his appreciation to her on her very first Mother's Day. And, as dandy as jewels are, sometimes it's not about the bling. Sometimes you have to be more thoughtful than that. Well, the rapper certainly delivered!

Kim woke up this morning and got the surprise gift of her life -- in her own backyard.

If you've been following this power couple, you may recall that Kanye sent Kim 1,000 roses this past Valentine's Day. What does one do with all of those flowers, you may ask? I'm wondering the same thing. Did she spread them out around her house? Place them all in one room and pass out from the overwhelmingly sweet aroma every time she walked into it?

His Mother's Day gift builds upon the floral theme (guess Kim loves flowers?) but is slightly more practical. He had a wall of pink, white, and green roses, hydrangeas, and peonies erected for her in the yard! Have a look:

Is it, quite literally, a block of flowers? Sure. But I think it's thoughtful -- and definitely interesting.

Well, whatever we may think, Kim loves it. Here's what she had to say about her gift on Instagram: "I have the best fiance in the world! I love you so much baby!!!! #HappyMothersDay."

Awww. Good for them. If you think we have a difficult time finding gifts for our loved ones, can you imagine what Kanye has to go through every time a holiday comes around? Kim already has everything. This wall of flowers is a perfectly sweet way for him to thank little North's mommy.

Not that Kim seems to need a gift. She also posted a separate message on Instagram today that pretty much sums up how she feels about being a mom:

This little girl has changed my world in more ways than I ever could have imagined! Being a mom is the most rewarding feeling in the world! Happy Mothers Day to all of the moms out there!

What do you think of Kim's Mother's Day gift?


Image via Instagram

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Sean Johannson



That's the story but it's hard to get the woman who has everything a gift. I think a big card would have been perfect or breakfast in bed.

mspar... msparklym13298

Meh... My day was much crazier and a lot more realistic! It was crazy enough to blog about.. what do you think, fellow mommies?? Was your morning similar to mine?? LOL

Ashyb... Ashybaby13

So I assume all you pious peaches threw out your walmart bouquets in protest !

TinyT... TinyTootiePie

It's nice. And if it happened to me I would be grateful... To an extent... I'd be like, "Oh, honey, it's beautiful! You shouldn't have, really. Where's my real gift?" Lol . I would rather have a bouquet of beautiful flowers handed to me by the man I love.... Something arranged by him and not by people he paid...On top of many other actually special/useful gifts I can think of.

nonmember avatar all4smommy

That's ridiculous. What's she gonna do with it but look at it? Pretty boring.. I agree that breakfast in bed.. Or maybe a donation to her favorite charity would've been a lot better. You suck, Kanye. Better her fiance than mine!

nonmember avatar courtney

I think it's sweet. I don't know why everyone has to criticize everything they do. If he had made her breakfast in bed, people would be wondering why he didn't go over the top. Some people enjoy over the top, some people enjoy simple. That's just life.

Angi Everett

wow the way some of you people talk in such an ugly manner.  And on cafe MOM??   Really shows how horrible some of you really are.   Disgusting.



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