'Bearded Lady' Gets Booed On Stage But Still Wins Huge Eurovision Song Contest (VIDEO)

Conchita Wurst is an Austrian man who has always identified as a woman. The 25-year-old, whose real name is Thomas Nuewirth, calls himself "the bearded lady" and refers to him (her?) self as a "she." That's all well and good, and more power to her, but the truth is someone like Conchita is not the type who usually wins the very traditional and incredibly popular Eurovision Song Contest, which is broadcast all over the world and has launched the careers of Celine Dion and Julio Iglesias. I mean, look, there are lots of old-fashioned fans of the annual competition who are not cool with LGBT lifestyles, and who had no problem expressing their myopic views in the lead up to the contest.

But it made no difference. In the end, Conchita wowed judges and won Eurovision because her extraordinary talent was too great to deny.

No offense to American Idol, but contestants at Eurovision have to be able to prove they have both the pipes and ability to sit and write a darn good song. When Conchita took the stage to perform an original tune called "Rise Like a Phoenix," she wore a gorgeous full-length beaded dress and let her long brown hair flow over her shoulders. Her full beard is definitely the first thing you notice about her.

Before she even opened up her mouth, viewers in some countries were taped booing the singer. A petition was even circulated in Russia, Belarus, and Armenia last year that called for Conchita to be pulled from the contest's roster.

Instead of being intimidated, the star kept her head held up high and belted out this gorgeous song. And she is just fabulous.

Check out Conchita and let us know what you think:

Do you think Conchita deserved to win the song competition?


Image via YouTube

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AgGurl92 AgGurl92

Author - the correct pronoun would be SHE since SHE identifies as a FEMALE. Regardless of what her sex is at birth you use the gender she identifies as (whether legally with the gov't they have had their sex/name changed). SHE identifies as female so you use HERSELF. 

using him(her?)self is just cruel and demeaning...not to mention RUDE. The Stir authors really need to do some research on sex/gender identification and pronoun usage if you are going to write about someone who identifies as a gender oposite of their birth-sex.


quick run down:
Sex - what you are identified as at birth regarding what your sex organs are
Gender - what you identify as whether it be male, female, pansexual or asexual. 

JLo1486 JLo1486

I didn't hear any boos at all....

nonmember avatar passerby

His voice is spectacular and he definitely deserved to win.

HOWEVER don't tell me you "identify as a woman" yet still sport your male characteristics. Be a man, or be a women. Don't be a freak or nature and expect the world to approve. Gross. Shave your beard, or stick to being what you were born as.

nonmember avatar Caroline

Freak of nature? Is her beard not natural, Passerby? Just because it belongs to someone who uses feminine pronouns doesn't mean the owner is a freak of nature. You can identify as anything you want to and look anyway you want to. There are women who grow full out facial hair, beards, mustaches, everything. The idea that a woman should be hairless is man made, not formed through a natural truth.

nonmember avatar Really?

Um, Passerby, let me just say this. Some biologically born women can grow beards. Many are because of genetics or a hormone imbalance, so don't even start with the "freak of nature" because it sounds like you're not even sure what "natural" means. I mean, hair growth is normal thus natural.

Snapp... SnappleQueen

Wow, Lisa, what a shameful bigot you are. Your transphobia doesn't speak highly of you as a person, parent, or blogger. Please find a brain.

Anette Snarby

This is not quite correct. The audience wThis is not quite correct. The audience were ecstatic and cheered. If anyone booed, nobody would be able to hear. Also: In The Eurovision Song Contest people from all over Europe vote for their favourite, it’s not “judges” (like in the show Idol). ere extatic and cheered

nonmember avatar mari

She didnt got booed on stage!! What show did you watch?? She is a middle finger to putin and his hatefor everyeverything that is different. Europe loves her, the one who got booed was the russian twins. This is really a bad bad article!

can_c... can_can21

The only reason this person won was because it was a transvestite. I

nonmember avatar rebecca

He did great I think. And to put my opinion in on the male or female convo... If you are born a man you will always be a man. If you are born a woman you will always be a woman. Men that turn themselves into a wannabe woman are not truly women because they will never have the same plumbing as a woman and a woman can never be a man because she would never be able to produce sperm or reproduce that way. You can change yourself all you want to be a different sex but you will never truly be that sex.

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