Kim Kardashian's Cheesy Bathing Suit Pics Are Out of This World (PHOTOS)

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian may have graced the cover of Vogue and attended the Met Gala in Lanvin, but she wasn't always a style icon. In fact, it wasn't that long ago that Kim looked like something out of an '80s video. She posted some pics of herself from a long-ago photoshoot for "Flashback Friday" -- taken before she was world famous -- and woah! Can't you just see her crawling over a car hood, gyrating to the sounds of some hair metal band?

In the pictures, Kim has long, straight, burnt-copper hair, lighter eyebrows, frosted lips, a chunky necklace -- and a thigh-high spiked leather boots. But the crowning bad-taste glory is that cut-out bathing suit. Is it a one piece? A two piece? A two-and-a-half piece? Reportedly, the photos were taken in 2009. She had just started to gain fame on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but was apparently still downmarket enough to pose for "calendar stuff," as she reportedly wrote in a blog from the time period.

Kim Kardashian


Say what you will about the trashy look -- Kim's body looks fantastic. Too bad she didn't turn around now so we could see if she has the same planet-sized ass she sports today.

Wow, it's a long way from that to Vogue, isn't it? I'd have to say she wins the "Most Improved" award.

Do you like this look?


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BGarcel BGarcel

Nothing trashy about that look. Normally I dont wear one pieces, but a one piece like that I might make an exception for.

gilesl15 gilesl15

Really awesome...photoshopping


I will wear something similar tk that for boyfriend tonight while dancing to Beyonce partition . We might end up making a sex tape.

Thanks Kim, For the idea

nonmember avatar Emma

Who cares I can't stand them they are fake as all hell especially Kim just a waste of channel space.

memas memas

will someone just PISS on her, again she is dressed for it,

divam... divamomtjcj

Waste of an article. Who cares? Tired of hearing about kim. Im sure there are far more interesting articles to write about besides her

BGarcel BGarcel

i like how ppl comment on an article they dont care about,.

TinyT... TinyTootiePie

Tired of hearing about the kardashians? Well I guess you're not tired of READING about them since you read this article and bothered commenting on it LOL!!!

Rando... Randomlady

opened the picture and immediately thought "Christina Aguilera did that in the 90's!"

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