Juan Pablo & Nikki Ferrell May Break Up Sooner Than We Thought

juan pablo, nikki ferrellThe reality of all reality TV dating shows like the Bachelor? The couples rarely, if ever, make it to the altar. So I doubt anyone would be surprised to one day hear that Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell called it quits. Though, if their many Twit Pics are any evidence, they seem to be going strong. However, a new report by Celebrity Dirty Laundry may reveal the nasty truth about their made-for-tv love affair.

Apparently, they have been totally faking their affection for one another. They were superb actors until recently, according to the website. They tweet and Instagram cute photos and make sure to mention one another, but it may be all a scam. 

In the last few weeks, they have attended several evens together where they avoid each other the entire time. A source at Life & Style claims that they have hated each other for awhile and at a recent Dancing With the Stars taping, it was obvious just how much. The source says they did not speak to each other or touch the entire night. So much for a couple who is madly in love. What happened to the "besitos."

As disappointing as that is to hear, we can't say we are totally surprised. That chemistry on the Bachelor is built around anything but reality. Those over-the-top dates, romantic diners, quiet moonlit nights are nothing like day to day life. And it's only after the show that the pair really get to know each other. I suppose one or both of them didn't like what they learned. If they really have grown to hate each other, I wonder how long they can keep up this charade?

Do you think Nikki and Juan Pablo really hate each other?


Image via Twitter

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nonmember avatar W

I watche that episode of DWTS when they were in the audience. They were right behind the host and talked to each other quite frequently! Did not see any physical contact.

nonmember avatar alibra

Ericka seriously,are you like 5yrs old. Even you don't believe this nonsense.At least write something that sound believable.I get you don;t like the guy but are you that pathetic you are rooting for them to fail! Oh please child you need your pacifier.

Kathie Kraus

Hate ? He's a player What's a better way for a player to Play? Women and Boy did He play !! Nikki wants that happy ending She may be getting tired of all the comments Happy ending I don't think she's going to get it. Player He'll alwats be one So Hate no I think he want's her to break it off She just want's that other ring on her finger.

nonmember avatar Jerkins

Why waste your precious time hating on someone who doesnt matter in your life, anger and hatred make you miserable, move on if this guy hurt you in anyway which i believe not .. he is controlling you by not allowing yourself to have a minute of your precious time to something that does not make you happy , use your time to do something loving to you and your family.

Sandra Blake

I thought they looked very happy.  They were sure having a great time.  You need to get a real job lady.  All you can do it pick on people.  You try to start trouble.


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