Friend Reveals Real Reason Prince Harry Broke Cressida Bonas' Heart

prince harry

Despite reports that Prince Harry had been planning to meet with ex Cressida Bonas to possibly rekindle their romance, it looks like things are definitely over. For good. A pal close to the prince says that Harry has no interest in getting back together with the heartbroken beauty.

"She is a lovely girl, and a beautiful girl, but this has run its course," a friend told People Magazine. "It wasn't to be." So essentially it sounds like Harry got bored with her. Ouch. Nothing worse than being used up and discarded by a hot prince. Other reports even say that Harry thought she had become too needy. Double ouch.

While Harry is off having a good time visiting the states she has been home hiding from the press. First he started off in Miami, hitting pool parties,  and then headed to the raucous Tennessee wedding for longtime friend Guy Pelly.

Though the split was called "amicable" by some in their inner circle, it's clear who is having the harder time. Cressida had to take "compassionate leave" from work while she tries to get over it. "She's just trying to figure out exactly what she wants to do, what niche [of dance] – there's a lot to choose from," said a classmate of hers. All the media attention certainly doesn't make things easier. I just hope she steels herself for the inevitable photo of Harry getting up close and personal with another pretty blonde. That said, there is still a chance they will reunite. Even Prince William once broke up with Kate. Now look at them. Kate ultimately got her fairytale -- maybe Cressida will too.

Do you think Cressida and Harry will get back together?


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nonmember avatar alex

cressida is a very pretty girl and young too, she will find someone, but kate is not attractive, she waited for over a decade and was and is still willys doormat, and its taking a big toll on her, be careful what u wish for in life

nonmember avatar Angela

No! It's obvious that he was bored.

Denise Jones

You could tell it was not going to last,Chressida needs to get out of a rut,and get back in the rat race woth her carear,Also she can not handle the press ,no good for Royal family,As always in spt light .Prince Harry needs someone who will love him unconditionaly 😊

Denise Jones

opps sorry folks lots of spelling mistakes

Geri Bowling

I do not think Harry will make up with Cressida, I always thought she acted to needy. Men do not like needy women. Plus I don't think she is mature enough for Harry, she needs to grow up. I'm so glad Harry saw the light before they married. A marriage between these two would not have made it, it was not a forever kind of love for either one of them. Move on, be friends, but move on.

Patricia Bunn

I think Catherine is beautiful,some comment on here not very nice,my motto is please leave them alone,you know nothing about them,only what the media say.!!!!

nonmember avatar beberly

I hope they are able to rekindle the again. I like Cressie for Prince Harry. They look compatible

Candy Bobeck

I think Prince Harry needs to find a woman like his sister-in-law Kate. He is young and has plenty of time before settling down! Hope he doesn't marry another Camilla, what a fake witch she is & has always been, Charles was a fool to play footsie & then marry her!

Debbie Learn

I don't think Prince Harry and Cressida will get back together. Prince Harry is very different than Prince William. Prince William and Duchess Kate's relationship is very solid, even in spite of their break up once before they were married. Prince Harry is still in party mode. And probably will be for a while. Cressida needs to heal and move on. Prince William and Duchess Kate have great respect for each other. God bless them.

Katherine Monet

No ..he belongs to Chelsy. We shall all never get over Chelsy - we love Chelsy and wish Cressida a good and happy life. Now Prince Harry is free to persuade Chelsy to come back!

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