Tyler Baltierra Makes Heartbreaking Confession Via Twitter

tyler baltierraFrom the start, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell had a story unlike all the other Teen Mom cast members. They gave their baby Carly up for adoption in hopes of giving her a better life. It was a brave and heartwrenching decision - and one they are clearly still reeling from. Check out Tyler's recent tweet:

Doesn't your heart just go out to the poor guy. People may criticize the show for glamorizing teen pregnancy, but you have to wonder if those folks have ever really paid attention to what is happening onscreen. There is nothing enviable about the pain and guilt that plagues Tyler and Catelynn. They are so anguished by seeing their child being raised by other people and fight to come to terms with it every day.

Still, deep down, they know they did the right thing for their baby at the time. Now that they are older -- and presumably wiser -- they plan to have another child soon. There's a lot of debate whether or not this is a good idea, after all, they are still young and finding their way in the world. But they know they want to be parents and raise a child together. They certainly have a lot of love to offer. Perhaps starting a family will help them further heal from their loss.

Do you still think Tyler and Catelynn made the right choice by giving Carly up for adoption?


Image via Twitter

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nonmember avatar Shelly

I absolutely agree that they made the right choice. Neither one had a stable family situation. They probably wouldn't still be together if they had decided not to place their daughter up for adoption. It's not like they chose a closed adoption. They can visit whenever, within reason of course.

nonmember avatar Des

I believw they did. They felt it was right for their child and choose for the better. I think they were very strong and selfless for two kids.

Aubree Lippold

No that's jus not nice. Unfitted dad and mom

nonmember avatar Allia

You did the right thing you were young and couldnt provide mentally emotionally and physically. now your older restart a family and be truly happy

nonmember avatar Cassandra

I believe they should have taken responsibility, but at the same time they blessed Carly with a life they couldnt give her. So they also helped her.(:

Deanne Mansell

It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks....It's what they think........They are very open about how they feel and very grown-up by the decisions they make...your age doesn't matter if you are still acting like a child...I think that they are making good decisions and if they decide to have another baby, then I will respect that decision also.....I was a teen mom, without a dad for my son.....he is now 28 and the best man I have ever met in my life. He grew up with me and I never hid anything from him, so we grew up best friends too!


Samantha Nusbaum

Giving her up wasn't the mistake they made.......having an open adoption was. The paIn and guilt they r feeling is only made worse every time they visit her , call her or get a pic from her. Now they're having another baby and is this baby going to visit Carly too???? What r they going to tell the kids about how they r related??? This is only going to get more painful for Tyler and Catelynn, confusing for Carly and the new baby and a pain in the ass for Brandon and Theresa.

nonmember avatar Bonnieboo80

The open adoption is probably what helps them get through. It's much worse wondering and not knowing. I am in that situation and everyday I thinkIif I could just she what she looks like, know she is okay and healthy, then I could go on with my life a little easier. The guilt will always be there either way but when you see your happy, you know you've made the right choice.


 Given what I have seen and heard about their decision to put her up for adoption, it seems like it was the right thing to do, if they didn't have stability and resources to wait it out until they got older and more able to care for her.  I do wonder, however, if they are planning another child because they are trying to fill the hole in their lives that she left when she was adopted. If so, that's probably not the best reason to have another one before they would otherwise be ready. I can't imagine how extremely difficult it is every day for them, knowing their daughter is gone, so if that is their reasoning I don't blame them. I just hope they are ready and can give a baby what it needs without struggling. My heart goes out to both of them.

nonmember avatar Amanda

Being an open adoption child myself, i feel they did make the right decision.it was obvious they werent ready for a child and that the child was in great hands.just like me.there was absolutely no confusion to me about the situation and no aminosisity towards my birth parents because i knew about it as long as i can remember and that is 2 yrs old and i was adopted at 10 months.if it was a closed adoption then that would have been much harder to deal with.i knew my birth parents since birth and they even had more children separately after me and raised those families without me or my 3 older siblings.at a very young age i knew i was very very lucky to have the life i do.my parents CHOSE me.Carly is in a good stable home and now that they are older and can support a baby then im all for it.they made a very wise choice.im glad they were that strong to let Carly go into a better situation.kudos!

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