Robert Pattinson Rocks Unrecognizable Southern Accent in Newest 'Rover' Trailer (VIDEO)

robert pattinson roverIs it safe to say that Edward Cullen is but a distant memory? Robert Pattinson is really showing off his nitty gritty acting chops in the latest trailer for Rover. It's hard to believe it's RPattz speaking in the video. Previous trailers have shown just how dirty and un-vampire-like he gets (sorry, that connection may simply never die), and this latest one is sure to get Rob fans even more pumped up for his latest project.

In case you weren't aware, The Rover takes place in the Australian outback at some point in the future. When a gang of criminals steals the very last possession Eric (Guy Pearce) owns, he tracks them down, along with Rey (Rob), who was part of the gang, but is left behind when he is injured. The film has been selected as an Official Selection at Cannes and will premiere at the film festival. It will premiere in NYC and LA on June 13, then go nationwide on June 20.

But of course all you want to hear is Rob's new accent! What was I thinking. Let's get to it.

Here is the latest trailer for Rover:

Can't wait to see this one, can you?! Such a different side to the Rob that we've all gotten accustomed to. Dirty, head shaved, rotted teeth, unrecognizable accent, bleakness, violence, despair, a philosophical discussion about God -- you can barely recognize Pearce in his role as well. It's clear in these few minutes alone that both of them have an insane amount of talent and chemistry.

Could this be the film that launches Robert Pattinson to non-Twilight superstardom? We can only wait with bated breath. Otherwise, the film looks really fantastic, with the actors giving it everything they've got to bring life to these roles. It will be interesting to hear about all the buzz after the Cannes festival!

Would you ever have recognized Robert Pattinson's voice in this newest Rover trailer?


Image via TheRobsessedblog/YouTube

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nonmember avatar nicola

Rob and Guy are awesome!

nonmember avatar nikola6

Maybe the vampire connection will die when the media and blogs (like this one), stop bringing it up? Stop reinforcing that "image"? Although why should it die off completely? It's one of the most successful film franchises in history and made him one of the biggest stars in the world. Most good young actors would take a Twilight, enjoy the riches, deal with the fallout and accept the challenge to prove their critics wrong. Kinda like what Robert Pattinson is doing.

nonmember avatar nikki

"Just because you and him came out of the same woman's hole....." Wow, just wow !!
This is gonna be a tough movie, with excellent performances. Looking forward to it!

Dixie Jewel

I will just leave this little quote here:

"...there is something very exciting in having the opportunity to show the world that a star underestimated and reduced to a certain image actually has a wealth of unexploited talent. I quickly found out that Rob is a great actor. And I look forward to everyone can realize the same. " ~~ David Michôd ,The Rover' director, - Cannes Press Kit 

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