Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Look Miserable at Dinner for 8th Wedding Anniversary

After watching the last few tumultuous episodes of True Tori, it seems as though Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott might not ever be able to work out their issues. No wonder they kept it relatively low-key to "celebrate" their eighth wedding anniversary on May 7. They've been dealing with the fallout of McDermott's affair with Emily Goodhand from back in December and are airing it for the world to see.

The couple have been more than willing to make what some believe to be extremely private therapy sessions public. Dean even admitted that he felt suicidal after Tori discovered the affair. Arguments have been made that they're doing this just for the publicity, but wow -- talk about showing yourself at your most vulnerable in order to do so. Can't imagine what that dinner conversation must have been like ...

Well, apparently the dinner to celebrate their anniversary was as awkward as one might imagine. They had a quiet dinner together at a sushi eatery, Katsu-Ya, in Encino, California.

"They did not look happy at all," an eyewitness told Us Weekly. Another went on to say, "They were quiet," the onlooker adds. "There weren't any smiles at all. It was sad to see them so down."

Us Weekly also reports that it was a casual night out. Tori was wearing baggy black pants with an oversized sweater, while Dean just had on jeans and a T-shirt. Apparently they were both wearing their wedding rings, so they're looking to make a shot of it.

Tori was also seen with a few gifts, hopefully from Dean, as he was spotted shopping for lingerie and jewelry before the anniversary.

Though you have to give the two props for doing whatever it takes to work on their marriage and be happy, it must have been tough to suffer through a dinner like that, not smiling or speaking to each other, on what should have been a celebratory, milestone occasion. Especially with the show premiering and having all their dirty laundry aired on a weekly basis, who knows how they must feel about that decision now. And how they must feel about Liam, 7, Stella, 5, Hattie, 2, and Finn, 20 months, getting access to it when they are old enough to watch and understand.

Regardless, their marriage is their business (well, as much as they would allow us to see), and it seems like they want to see it through. Let's just hope they're actually smiling and talking and happy at their ninth-anniversary dinner!

Do you think Tori and Dean should stay together? Have you been watching True Tori?


Image via Lifetime

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Heather Swan-Saunders

I commend them both for putting this out there. This happens all to often and maybe it can help someone else. This shows that just because they are famous they have issues as well. As for their kids finding out, HELLO!!!!! This was in the magazine's well before this show came out. No this is not a publicity stunt this is as real as it gets. Stay strong TORI!!!!!

Brat2... Brat261911

I just don't understand WHY you would put this out there on National TV, is it for the Money? Is it worth it? SMH I think you should turn the camera's off and work on your marriage and do it privately, let's be realistic, do you guy's think people really care about a couple they do not know, really, um, yea, sure they care, as much as you care about them..just sayin Keep it private and maybe you stand a chance....Good Luck  


good luck

Xxxgrl Xxxgrl

I have been watching and I'm appalled at how whiny and narcissistic Dean is. Tori has to baby him constantly! She can't even vent about her feelings over him cheating without him having an episode of "I can take this" and she shuts down. He's pathetic. I'm so sorry she married this worthless loser, and has 4 offspring with him. How this poor girl will ever work things out with him is beyond me. I would've unleashed the fury on his ass. "You want to kill yourself because YOU cheated on ME?!" Please, I'd hand him the gun. What a baby. 

nonmember avatar Bridgitte

I can think that Dean is totally crazy! When are they going to beg Dr Phil for help. He is the only one who has the help they need. If they don't go to him soon they will be doomed!

nonmember avatar Lost control

I'm a huge fan of Tori's, but this show is basically a 'poor little me' from beginning to end. Every scene is just tears tears tears. I'd give up watching, but it's become a game for me to see how many faked things I can spot. Liam's birthday party in episode 2? Liam's birthday was in March, so why are we holding a 2nd one in April? Where are their friends - the guncles, Mehran, Brandy, James? Probably too embarrassed to show up. The 'friends' on this show have never been seen before.

The time-line of how things happened... wanting to not mention Dean's breakdown and suicidal thoughts on the show... It all just seems made up to show Tori as this poor little wronged wife who is struggling to do her best. We're not buying it . At least Dean seems to want to help the kids and work through this. Tori just seems to be saying 'look at how hard I try.'

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