Jenelle Evans Is Thinking of Doing Something No Pregnant Woman Should

Jenelle Evans and I have two things in common. We both love tattoos and muscle-bound dudes. Basically what I'm saying is that we are twins. But even I, Jenelle's biggest fan and most ardent admirer, was all "jiggahuh?" when I heard about her latest plan.

Jenelle's not exactly a stranger to tattoos. She's got some beautiful ones artfully placed upon her person. I heart the cherry blossoms, J! Who's your guy? Can he be my guy? Let's hang out and Vine ourselves. 

Jenelle tweeted in the not-so-distant past that she "can't wait" to share the idea for her next tattoo with her followers. We can't wait to see it either, Jenelle, but maybe, I don't know, hold off on getting that ink work done until after the little Kaiser-roll baking in your belly is out, mkay?

Of course Jenelle knows better than to go and get a tattoo when she's pregnant, but she's not exactly known for her restraint. I hope she can keep her excitement in check long enough to see her through her delivery! Besides, depending on where she gets the tattoo, her body could change significantly -- skin can stretch during pregnancy, and your tattoos along with it!

Still, I'm excited to see what she comes up with. Maybe she'll share a sketch or some clues about what the big design with be. I hope it's a portrait of either Ke$ha or Babs. You know I love Babs!

barbara evans

What do you think Jenelle's next tattoo will be?


Images via Twitter/thehollywoodgossip

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nonmember avatar heidi

Most tattoo shops won't shoot on a pregnant woman. Not the respectable ones anyway.

nonmember avatar Nichole

Why are you guys so obsessed with this woman whose only talent was getting pregnant as a teenager? I do not get it.

nonmember avatar amberly holman

this is quite frankly bullshit! i got a tattoo while pregnant and i am very respectable. thankyou very much. guess im the first one in reality lol whatever : )

nonmember avatar amberly holman

this is quite frankly bullshit bc i got a tattoo while pregnant and im very respectable thankyou very much! so i guess im the first one lol whatever : )

nonmember avatar amanda

There are worse things you could do. I jumped our if a plane when i was 3 months pragnet...

nonmember avatar ashley

I would be embarrassed if i was the author you kept writing these useless articles. We need real writers on here. We want REAL news. Everything is on a whole nother lever of pettines. Its getting so old....The End lol

nonmember avatar Keshia

i agree with amberly i was pregnant when i got my first tattoo. Some people are just entirely too judgemental! Maybe some of u should sit back and think about your own life. Im sure you didnt do everything perfectly!

KatC2 KatC2

WTF IS a "jiggahuh?!"

KatC2 KatC2

@Heidi Lmao and wtf does "won't shoot" on a pregnant woman mean?! It sounds like your talking ejaculate on her face.

mommy... mommykins03

She so self centered that she doesn't care! !

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