Paula Patton’s Confession About Robin Thicke May Explain Their Split

Robin ThickeThe split of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton was one of the most surprising -- or the least, depending on how you look at it. On the one hand, the couple had been together since they were 14 and 15 respectively. They had had a son together the year before. They seemed like soul mates. On the other hand, infidelity rumors had been swirling around Robin pretty much since he danced with young, naked models in his "Blurred Lines" video. It didn't help that he was caught grabbing a young fan's ass in a "mirror selfie" at a party; or that he was seen dancing verrrrrry close to another young woman at yet another party. But Robin made it clear he wanted to win his wife back. Paula, on the other hand, remained silent. Until now. Paula Patton has finally spoken out about their split.

After first revealing to Vanity Fair that while Robin wasn't her first kiss, he was "my first lots of other things," she is asked about their separation and whether there is any chance they'll get back together, as Robin seemingly wants. She said:

We’ve known each other since we were teenagers. All I can tell you is there’s a deep love there -- always was, and always will be.

Soooooo that doesn't exactly answer the question. However, I would think if there was absolutely no chance, she would have said something like, "We will always love each other but have moved on" or something. This makes it sound like, as Jim Carrey put it in Dumb & Dumber, "So you're saying there's a chance!" Not much of one, mind you, but a chance nonetheless.

And how revealing is it that Robin was her "first of lots of other things"? My guess is that means that Robin was her first lover. And unless they had an "open relationship" as some tabs have claimed, that could mean Robin was her only lover all this time. That's a long time to be with one man. I'm not excusing any cheating that Robin may have done, but think about it. With the same woman since you were 14? No wonder the man is getting ass grabby. Not excusing it, mind you, but any man in his mid-30s who has been with a woman since he was basically a child ... what do you think is going to be on his mind when he's suddenly so popular with the ladies?

I would love to see these two reconcile but ONLY if Robin has changed his ways -- and that takes much more work than people think. It might take Robin DECADES to get other women out of his system!

Do you think they belong together?


Image via TS, PacificCoastNews

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Elaine Cox

you need to get the wild oats out of your system and together that long you just cant do it..but of course being famous and having people begging for it..maybe you just cant at all

TheSi... TheSilence

Are you kidding me? He chose to be with her and marry her. He voluntarily gave up his right to be with other women.

It wouldn't matter if he was with her for 15 years or 5 years.

He's an asshole if he cheated and she deserves better than him.

Alfreda Calbert

You should be happy to get that "first love" and oyur only love. Remember, all of the love stories of bad break-ups and depression that follows and taking counseling to realize "he just wasn't that into you?" Why subject yourself to heart ache and misery? When Robin is old and maybe alone, he will relalize tht he should have treasured that "first love."


Frankly I wasn't aware that she owed you an explanation Kiri.

nonmember avatar Farida Pambos

I thought married was one on one forever. We women built for that, most anyway but not men. They are like.....In animal world.....are dogs. They will take any type of bones.But some women will do anything to get what they want. So it comes down to "it takes 2 to Tango" to happen.

And now i realized life is only once so enjoy and follow your heart without hurting others as much.

unless we can be like Edward & Bella in Twilight Saga. So beautiful.

Freela Freela

Getting together young is no excuse for cheating later on... it's not like if you didn't sow your wild oats in your teens you're excused for doing it later. My dh and I got together when we were about the same age, and 21 years later we're still together. No ass-grabbing selfies, no dancing with other people, none of that. It's a choice to be faithful, you're not entitled to a certain number of sex partners and have to make up for lost time later on. After such a long time together it must feel like even more of a betrayal for her.

Railr... RailroadGirl

Why do people call their husbands dhs are they not good enough to call your husband or by name? DH means designated hitter from what I know.

Janet Berger

maybe they would just not want to put their wives or husbands name out there out of respect. meaning the whole world doesn't need to know. my husband is a private person and doesn't like his name broadcast. as for robin if he has cheated several times he is a dog. 1 mistake can be forgiven but anything past one is ridiculous. too many diseased out there.

nonmember avatar pixie

So, everyone here is assuming he cheated. He wants to go wild for a while. Did you ever think maybe she wants a chance to experience new people? Maybe she cheated?

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