Robert Pattinson Does Something With New Girlfriend KStew Only Dreamed Of

Robert Pattinson Imogen KerI never would've guessed that they were anything more than just friends based on the pics of them taken together a few days ago, but supposedly Robert Pattinson and Imogen Ker are dating. They've even been seen engaging in a little PDA!

Yep. Their date at The Little Door in L.A. on May 2 was actually their second rendezvous, as they were also spotted out together back on April 24. And here's where the PDA comes in. According to an eyewitness, Rob and Imogen were holding hands, people!

(Scandalous. I know.)


But given how private Rob usually is about his love life, hand holding is kind of a big deal -- almost like the equivalent of two not-so-shy stars sticking their tongues down each other's throats.

Think about it for a second -- how often did we have the pleasure of seeing Rob and Kristen Stewart hold hands when they were together? Exactly. Like never. (Ok, maybe once. I said maybe.) Even though everyone and their mother knew the two of them were an item, he still seemed to keep his distance from her for whatever reason.

But since he's not the least bit inhibited about touching Imogen in public, then it must mean he's officially ready to put the past behind him and venture back into the world of dating again, right?

And another thing -- supposedly Imogen and KStew are part of the same group of friends, what with the whole Dakota Fanning connection. If Rob is bold enough to show affection toward her even though it might wind up hurting Kristen's feelings, then it's obvious he's finally over her once and for all.

(Until next week's rumors state otherwise, of course.)

Are you happy that Rob appears to be moving on with his life?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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