Dean McDermott's Anniversary Gift to Tori Spelling May Have Deeper Meaning

Dean McDermottIf you've been paying attention to the drama that is Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's marriage (and reality show!), then you may have some idea of the weight of the following statement.

Dean was spotted shopping at Victoria's Secret on his eighth wedding anniversary to Tori Spelling.

Both stars were photographed out and about, both wearing their wedding rings, but only one making a seriously questionable purchase in the possible gift department, given that the couple is trying to work through his alleged sex addiction and cheating ways.

I mean, I'm trying to work out how this is a good idea. Dean and Tori are trying to work through their issues in a very public forum on their Lifetime reality show True Tori, and so far those issues seem to be mostly about how Dean couldn't get enough sex and Tori doesn't feel pretty enough.

How did that conversation go in his head? Hmmm, my marriage is on the rocks because I'm a sexual beast, and my wife feels unpretty and inadequate ... I know! I'll get her something skimpy and sexy so she'll want to hit the sheets with me!

I'm thinking ... no.

On the other hand, Dean's little shopping trip could mean things are getting better for the couple (or maybe that the whole thing is made up? I hope not...), and they're trying to get their physically intimacy back on track. I'm really hoping that's the case here, otherwise Dean needs to return that lingerie and buy himself a clue. 

What do you make of Dean's shopping trip to Victoria's Secret on his wedding anniversary?


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shutu... shuturpiehole

Um, you DO know they sell clothes, shoes, make-up, perfume, purses, etc?

eleph... elephantmamaof2

Or he could have been buying a bottle of perfume or yoga pants lol

nonmember avatar Sara

I thought they were broke? Did Chopped:Canada pay that much?


Why do you care?

Julia Saenz

he's probably just scoping out the place to pick up his next affair!

cmw327 cmw327

He's a douche! Who cares!

nonmember avatar Shelly Eggers

You cannot expect a man to go weeks without sex and expect he will not stray. I watched all your shows prior to this. You act like this is all his fault. Own your part. Just because you have 4 kids, give him 20 mins a couple times a week.

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