Stacy Keibler’s Reaction to George Clooney’s Engagement Sounds So Naive

stacy keiblerWhile the world applauds accomplished lawyer Amal Alamuddin's upcoming nuptials with aging actor George Clooney, one single lady is left with not even one hand clapping. Word has it that Clooney's last girlfriend Stacy Keibler is "irked" at the engagement news. And we're not talking about a mild dose of jealousy, either. An insider dishes to Us Weekly, "When George and Stacy got together, he told her she would be the one he'd marry -- and that they could have kids." Oh for crying! Out! Loud! What is this, Sweet Valley High?

First of all, Stacy Keibler, you FELL FOR THAT LINE? I know, I know. We've all been there. Show me a woman who hasn't at least once in her life believed some caca a man told her because she wanted to believe it and I'll show you a space alien. You know what you want. He knows what you want. He doesn't want to deliver it, but he's only too happy to give you the next best thing. The truth? Hah! Not a chance. No, his next best thing is a time-buying false promise. A lie.

Okay, so George lied. (ALLEGEDLY.) Or maybe he really did mean it at the time and then changed his mind. Let this be a lesson for all of us: Don't bet on anything until it actually happens.

By the way, note that the "source" uses the word "irked." Not heartbroken. Not crushed. Not even pissed. Just, you know, slightly annoyed. I can see that, actually. I mean, overall Stacy is probably glad it didn't work out with George. She found love with the right person for her (we're assuming) and she's having his baby. So it's not like she's still harboring a broken heart or anything.

It's just that she thought she'd be THE ONE and then she wasn't. Why wasn't she good enough for him? Because she's not a genius career lady with smart lady dark hair? Did he consider her just a blond wrestling bimbo all along?!? Oh man, the toxic self-doubt this engagement could unleash.

But hopefully Stacy is above that. She is, right? Because that's why she said (oops, I mean the source said) "irked" and not "on a downward spiral." Stacy's got better things going on in her life now.

How would you feel if you were Stacy Keibler or any of George Clooney's other exes?


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Jodi Lauttamus

i'm not even one of his ex's and I'M beyond irked at how insensitive the press is towards these "models and actresses" that george "lowered himself to"...excuse me, isn't that what george does for a profession? what amul does for a living has nothing to do with her character, her worth as a human being...i'm so sick and tired of everyone putting all of his other women down, as if he found some high priestess of fabulousness...he's no prince...and truly, stacy has gone onto much better quality of a man, but irked? it wouldn't so much be at would be at the media, and all this brag, brag, brag, about this could be douchebag....

2cent... 2centsCDN

Amal is very different from George's type of woman that I don't even think they'll make it to the alter. Since she has an actual job, she won't be able to drop everything to travel the world with him like all the other women and that will bruise his ego.

shutu... shuturpiehole

I'M SO DYING AT THE SWEET VALLEY HIGH REFERENCE!! I thought I was the only person who has read those books lol.

TheSi... TheSilence

"Smart lady dark hair" "blond wrestling bimbo"

Did I actually just read this? I have dark hair and find your comments ridiculous. Adriana I see you are idiotic enough to buy into the notion that hair color has any bearing on intelligence.

You should probably just stop 'writing' because you have successfully proven yourself to be a complete imbecile.

nonmember avatar Tasha

Silly story. And rather offensive. I agree with TheSilence. It is best if you write for entertainment that you actually entertain.

nonmember avatar Bubbles

Has it ever occured to you guys that maybe, just maybe Stacy dumped George? Maybe this is his reaction to her getting married to someone else and having their baby.

nonmember avatar Amy

What am I missing about this guy getting married? I don't mean to sound dismissive of his career but why are men who dated lots of women and then get married just before becoming a dirty old man considered something special? Get married George and be a good husband for 20 years. At that point you can be wonderful.

nonmember avatar New

I believe he proposed to further a career in politics! Wait & see him advance in that direction. Won't surprise me. His new lady will certainly get him accepted in that arena.

Anoth... AnotherKim

Why would she care? She has moved on, gotten married, and having a baby. I call bs on this story.

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