Neil Patrick Harris Poses Naked for 'Rolling Stone' Except for a Well Placed Hat

neil patrick harris rolling stoneEverything Neil Patrick Harris seems to do is brilliant. He can host. He can act. He can sing. He can dance. He can drink. He can even look amazing posed pretty much naked on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Currently he is playing a transgendered German rocker in the Broadway musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. As you can see from the photo, where Neil is wearing just a sexy black bow tie and, um, well hung hat, he's lost a lot of weight for the role. The cover shot was taken by photographer Terry Richardson and shows off Neil's 21-pound weight loss

Talk about devotion! He had a lot to say in the magazine about it as well.

"I need to eat more," he confessed. "That's becoming apparent. I'm so intent on looking feminine, on changing my silhouette. But I'm running out of energy, and it's affecting my mood."

"He's so skinny, and I think that really gives him power," his fiancé David Burtka tells Rolling Stone. "His body is crazy right now."

The musical has also forced Neil to embrace his uber-feminine side, hence all the weight loss. "I have always been highly aware of how I was presenting myself," Neil said. He also said that his previous "desire to not seem overly effeminate" kind of seems like a "stupid concern" since that he's "playing overtly feminine and loving it."

Though the father of twins (Gideon and Harper, 3) couldn't be happier about what he's discovered through this new role and throughout his life. "I do think it's important to take ownership of those type of things. I'm intoxicated and turned on by people who are really honest about themselves," he says. "And so the coming-out process, given that, is a great move. Because people know that you're sexual and that's who you like, and you're not guarded and sketchy and awkward."

Hard to believe that the child actor who was beloved as Doogie Howser is one of the most famous of our generation. With such a healthy, fascinating outlook on life as well! Now that How I Met Your Mother has wrapped up after nine hilarious seasons and once Hedwig ends its run, it will be exciting to see what's next in store for this talented guy. Hopefully he'll be able to enjoy some French fries first!

To see the interview Neil Patrick Harris, pick up the May 22 issue of Rolling Stone on stands May 9.

What do you think of Neil Patrick Harris's new, super-skinny body?


Image via Rolling Stone

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nonmember avatar blue

His little boy body creeps me out a bit...

nonmember avatar Gigi

Uhhhhh, EWWWWWWWWW!!!!

nonmember avatar LCC

Just re-watched the HIMYM episode where Lily paints Barney in the nude ("Columns," 2007). Back then, NPH had pecs. Now he looks scaryskinny. I know it's for a role, but it's not an improvement! Hope he doesn't decide he looks better this way. It's bad enough when women think they look hottest when they actually look like skeletons - don't need guys to start thinking the same. :(

LeeshaE LeeshaE

Rest assured he will not think he looks better the character he plays is a total junkie train wreck. It is no different then when other actors drop weight for roles.

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