Prince Harry's Split From Cressida Bonas Broke More Than Just Her Heart

Cressida Bonas

OMG. This is really kind of sad, you guys. In the wake of her shocking split from Prince Harry, Cressida Bonas is on "compassionate leave" from her marketing job so that she can heal from the breakup away from prying eyes.

And based on what a pal of hers said, it sounds like Cressie is all sorts of crying into her beer over Harry and then some. The insider claims, "Cressida can't stand the fact that everywhere she goes, someone takes a picture of her on their smartphone especially when she is feeling down. She has been told it’s O.K. for her to take some time off work."


Geez. I wonder if the compassionate leave thing would ever stand a chance of happening over here in the U.S.? Nah. You're probably right. "My royal boyfriend just dumped me and I'm really upset" likely isn't grounds for slacking on the job in the States.

But I guess when you've been dating royalty for two years, exceptions have to be made.

Going through a breakup is bad enough as it is without the paparazzi following you everywhere to capture a shot of you crying and pouting. I guess it's understandable that Cress wants to take some time to heal in peace.

And then there are those rumors saying that Kate Middleton is responsible for the split, which much make it even harder for Cressida to put the past behind her and move on. If that's really the case and Kate had a hand in Harry kicking her to the curb, it has to sting even more, being that Kate is one of the most adored and celebrated women in the world. (You know, like she's constantly reminded she wasn't good enough for the royals.)

Taking some time off is definitely for the best, and maybe the break is exactly what Cressie needs to get back on her feet and hold her head high again. Harry breaking her heart is a given, but let's hope he didn't totally break her spirit too.

Are you surprised that Cressida is this upset?


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