Jenelle Evans Shares How Painful This Pregnancy Has Been

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Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is clearly excited about the arrival of baby #2. The proof? She proudly tweets photos of her ever-growing bump all the time. However, there are days when that excitement has been overshadowed by some really scary symptoms.

Though she's headed into her third trimester, Jenelle is still suffering through terrible morning sickness. Anyone who has experienced it knows how debilitating it can be -- and not just in the morning. That's a total misnomer. A pregnant woman can get bouts of nausea any time of the day or night, and it can leave you feeling weak, breathless, and unable to even get out of bed.

Sadly, morning sickness isn't the only symptom she's battling. She also reportedly has heartburn, a weird intestinal blockage, been severely dehydrated, and has horrific back pain. Sounds like absolute torture. Jenelle shared her struggles in a tweet that every mom-to-be can likely sympathize with.

Poor thing. At least she's in the home stretch. Her baby (with boyfriend Nathan Griffith) is due later this summer. Hopefully her delivery will go a lot smoother than this pregnancy has been.

Did you have any of these awful pregnancy symptoms?

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Saskia Hehemann

ow gosh yes! l think the only thing I didn't suffer from was pelvic problems!

Misty Hooven-Browning

yes Jenelle I am 30 weeks pregnant and have the same things going on I brok my tail bone having my first so this pregnancy is taking a painful toll on my back also and lets not get into heartburn or sickness.... they are there all the time one or the other! sometimes I have heart burn and indigestion so bad it makes me sick! Mz.imdoinme

Yes I had it with all my girls but now I know it was well worth is I would do it all over again if I had y Mz.imdoinme

Just pray be strong & trust in God he a got you & ya baby always

nonmember avatar StirDramaQueens

That's not a scary pregnancy symptom. It's nothing to make a big deal about IT'S NORMAL. This sounds like it was written by a 12 year old. "Like.OMG! Pregnancy sounds soooooooo awful". "Jenelle is TOTALLY having the worst pregnancy EVER".

nonmember avatar Tiffany Smith

with my second one yes my pain was really bad i couldn't even sleep. but my pain started during the 3rd trimester

Karen Suzuki

Boy with my first son I threw up until the day I delivered, literally.  I used to throw up so hard I thought the baby was gonna come out my mouth.  I know that sounds nasty and crazy but...ya pregnancy can be rough:(

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