'Bachelor' Star May Have Gotten Married Sooner Than Anyone Expected (PHOTO)

Kacie Boguskie Rusty Gaston

After how badly she had her heart broken by both Ben Flajnik and Sean Lowe, Bachelor fans couldn't help but be super excited when Kacie Boguskie got engaged back in February.

Remember her? The baton twirling queen whose Daddy doesn't drink but who has no problem dropping big fat F-bombs in limos?

And while we are all thrilled that Kacie has found true love, it does seem like she's jumping the gun a bit with her wedding, considering how fast she planned it.


Based on this new photo she shared on Instagram, it looks like Kacie and Rusty Gaston might already be married, even though their wedding isn't expected to happen until this weekend. (Who do they think they are, Kim and Kanye?!?)

She captioned it with: "It's official! After @pwilson signs it we're #thegastons @rustygaston #weddingweek"

marriage license

Sooooo, does this mean the marriage license has already been signed, or did Kacie simply post this photo in anticipation of her big day?

My guess is the latter since she definitely strikes me as the type who wouldn't dare wed unless it's in front of her friends and family. She's wanted this for way too long to sacrifice making things official at an actual wedding (versus a courthouse or whatever). Odds are good that she won't be a "Gaston" until this weekend rolls around.

But regardless of when she gets hitched, who else wants to join me in sending out a huge congratulations to Kacie? If anyone deserves happiness with the man of her dreams, it's her for sure.

Are you happy for Kacie?


Images via Instagram

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