MTV Fires 'Teen Mom' Star for Setting a 'Bad Example'

teen mom amber farrah maci catelynnRumors have been flying about a possible reboot to the original Teen Mom, but it turns out that cast drama has led the MTV execs to make some major decisions. They're going as far as to cut one mom from the show!

Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, and Catelynn Lowell haven't always gotten along. But there's one lady who's been the main source of contention in the cast, and it looks like she's bidding farewell to the MTV show.

Turns out, MTV execs have "willingly cut Farrah," and it's all because all the other ladies refused to do the show if she was signed back on, according to a source from Us Weekly. "MTV agreed," the source continues. "They feel she set a bad example and doesn't represent the network well."

Now, why would that be? Is it the "leaked" sex tape? Or is it its sequel? Is it the collection of silicone sex toys made to resemble her own lady bits? Or her random appearance on Couples Therapy, which showed she wasn't really part of a "couple"? Come on, MTV. This record is stellar.

Seriously, though. The girl is definitely not a shining star on MTV's roster of cast members, so it's not surprising that they've decided to let her go. Especially if the rest of the ladies made it clear that they wouldn't join the reunion had she been included. And honestly, they'll have plenty of drama with those three ladies, but we'll definitely miss Farrah's Oscar-worthy cry face.

Will you watch the show without Farrah?


Image via MTV

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Rachel Cummins Sutton

Heck yea I would still watch. I can't stand farrah with her squeaky whiny voice. She is a straight up brat. I would be glad to see her go.

nonmember avatar anonymous user

YES I will watch the show without her. She's nothing but a conceited NASTY bitch. You ain't gotta make a sex tape to take care of your kid, Farrah. Get a REAL JOB. That's what normal SINGLE mom's do. Your daughter will one day see that tape, what do you think she will think??? She will think, "Hey my mom did it and so can I!" Then you will have a 16(or younger) & Pregnant daughter. smdh.

nonmember avatar Ashley

I'll watch more now!! I could not stand her!! I totally agree she is a bad example!

Milissa McGuire

Good for those girls coming together! Farah is a bad example and not typical of what happens as a "teen Mom" Just being part of the show mocks the the show. The other Moms have worked hard o make their experience and opportunity with the show positive. All Farah has done is exploit the opportunity for attention to fill a void. She needs help. She will do anything for attention. MTV/VH1 were hurting her more by enabling her for ratings. The only attention she needs if from a doctor. She is a mess. She knows she is a mess. She needs help.

'Chaya Mendelsohn

I'll watch more now!! I could not stand her!! I totally agree she is a bad example!

Samantha Fair

What ever happened to the restaurant she wanted to open and went to school for? Either way I'm glad she's gone!!

Mel Hurst

YES I WILL. So tired of Farrah!!!!

Kelly Ellebracht

I can't say I will miss her or her boohoo faces!!

nonmember avatar Kim

Yes I will watch it more now I could not take her always crying and acking like the world is all about her

nonmember avatar alysia

Andddd zero fucks were given

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