The Crazy Moment You Didn't See During That Wild 'RHOA' Reunion (VIDEO)

There's a triple-play happening in Housewives Land. Can you guess what it is? No? Well, scroll down to watch today's exclusive video below and I will tell you ALL about it!

This week, we've got the men joining the ladies on part 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 6 reunion. Boy, did it get intense. Between Apollo NidaKenya Moore, and NeNe Leakes, Felicia's fur was flying. In Orange County, newbie Shannon Beador continues to be the breakout star, but I don't know if that'll be good for her long term. And did you notice someone MISSING from The Real Housewives of New York City opening credits? That plus more behind-the-scenes gossip is all here for you in today's episode.

In Atlanta, props have been banned. Oh wait, no, they haven't. In any case, Peter Thomas wins an award, in my opinion. Also, I go behind the scenes on reunion day to give you juicy tidbits you don't always know are happening! Apparently things between Apollo, Kenya, and Phaedra Parks went much further than we've seen (so far), and I've got the dish. Kenya also brought Marlo Hampton into the mix, and I give you my take on that as well.

Why do cast members back each other up or throw each other under the bus for reasons we don't see? I shed a little light on cast member strategy -- it's clear to me that the Atlanta ladies made a choice. But what was it?

In Orange County, season 9, episode 4, I break down the weekend at the St. Regis with Shannon and her husband David. What's going on there? What is their storyline and did they know what they signed up for? I tell you what I saw, and I watched those editing cuts very closely. We also met a new housewife, Lizzie Rovsek and friend of Danielle Gregorio, and I debate their chances of success.

And let's not forget New York City! It's season 6, episode 9, and someone's missing. Can you guess who? You will not believe what sources on the down-low told me this week, and it's not only about Aviva Drescher. Get some coffee. Or popcorn. Or a shot of tequila. Whatever you need, and fasten your seat belts because today's video is going to be a BUMPY ride!! Watch now!

Do you agree? Is Bravo letting NeNe get away with too much?

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Prett... PrettyShort

I used to like NeNe but now her attitude is BAD. She thinks she is better than everyone else on the show and it showed on the Reunion part 3. She said she is the queen B because she makes the most money hunni money has nothing to do with the fact you are rude and a self centered person. I could not work with someone like that becuase I would loss my mind... I don't like fake people and she is one of them... Grow up NeNe and get off your high horse..

Charlotte Scheuer

Alex, I miss you and that sweet husband of yours so much! I loved your storyline and those precious little boys of yours!

Suzanne Giannattasio O'Brien

Alex I love watching you on the stir every week! This is such a great wrap up of all my reality fix! I love the inside scoop you can give and I love being able to hear the perspective of someone who has been through it all! This week on the reunion I felt like it was attack Nene! Maybe she is trying to control the show but she always knows how to bring it!

As for #RHNY I don't know who looks crazier this week Romona or Sonja? Sonja just seems like she has her head buried in the sand and just thinks that magically everything will fall into place for her with all deals and Romona well she looked like a spoiled high school mean girl! Love them both that's why I watch but this week was just so crazy! Keep up the awesome job can't wait for next week!

Pam Johnson

Thanks Alex  for the dish.... you are doing a fantastic job of recapping!! 

nonmember avatar Wanda

You're right Alex. Nene is delusional, Sonya is illusional in her beautiful mind, and don't go near Ramona with a wine glass in her hand, which means never!!
By the way, what's up with the horse teeth on these NYC housewives? Carole, Kristen and Aviva?
The only one who is likable and approachable is the yummy tummy girl Heather. I have bought one of her undergarments and I like them better than the overpriced spanx. I see Jill Zarin's pantyhose and wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole!

Colleen Durant

Ne Ne is an arrogant self righteous human being........

nonmember avatar El

I think you forgot to change the link for phone users.

Cynth... Cynthia.B

I hope we have a happy ending for Sonia . I thought it was odd how Carole was in the OC with her friends ,is she going there ? How do you feel about the London housewives? I can't wait!! 

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