Prince George Is Ready for Spy Training After Secret Trip to the Park

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince GeorgeI know Prince William had his heart set on his firstborn son growing up to play rugby, but he just might have to settle for MI6 agent. It seems the baby super spy flew totally under the radar on their recent tour of New Zealand when Prince George and his nanny snuck out to the park!

Kate Middleton is obviously not a helicopter mom, if she sent Georgie to the park with his minder (love that term -- the British make everything sound so proper) Maria Borallo. While she and Wills were busy with the media in Christchurch, the duchess probably thought her little one could use some peace and quiet and relative normalcy.

So how did they manage to not be swarmed by adoring fans asking for his chubby little hand in marriage? Basically by just being totally normal. Wellington ice cream business owner Barry Ludlow said he recognized George in his pram when he sold Barallo a cone, and having served famous people in the past, didn't treat them differently or draw attention to them.

The Spanish nanny childminder then took her sweet treat and sweet charge to the nearby Frank Kitts Park. Mr. Ludlow didn't think anyone else recognized them. "There were plenty of people walking around the waterfront, there were children everywhere, but I don't think anyone saw them," he said. "They didn't look out of place at all."

OK, it could just be a dear man hoping that he saw the little royal, right? Well, according to two sources close to the royal tour, it was indeed George enjoying the park in peace in New Zealand.

One said, "I can say that it definitely happened," and the other confirmed, "I certainly don't think it was meant to be hidden that the little prince was playing in the park."

Even the mayor apparently knew about George's secret outing! She did not deny the rumors when asked by the media about them.

See? He's already a spy in training. His mission to the park was strictly on a need-to-know basis.

Do you think you would've recognized Prince George in his pram?

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Debbie Learn

Duchess Kate is no longer Kate Middleton. Give her the respect she deserves !

waity... waitykate

 Middleton deserves respect ??? LOL !  For WHAT ?  She and Willy are called "Willnot and Cannot" in the UK. They are hardly shining examples of charity and public service.  Instead they ignore all the chances they have of having a real work ethic. And Waity still can't keep her dresses down outdoors. We're still being flashed.  So don't whine about Waity Middleton not being "respected"....respect should be earned.

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