Nikki Ferrell Still Can't Seem to Compete With Juan Pablo's Ex (PHOTO)

camila juan pablo carla miss piggyJuan Pablo Galvis and Nikki Ferrell couldn't seem happier these days. Although the reality TV couple is still being hounded about if and when they're finally (even though, come on, they met less than a year ago, people!) gonna get engaged, they seem oh-so-happy taking their relationship at a regular pace and really "getting to know one another." Except that ... wait a minute! Is that a sexy photo of JuanPabs' ex on his Instagram feed?! Why, yes. Yes, it is.

Yesterday, the former Bachelor posted his ex Carla Rodriguez's pic, along with a couple of lines congratulating her for becoming a part of the Las Arias Entertainment group.

Carla's an actress, and this hot shot of her has been around for a while. But it just seems like something of an eyebrow-raiser that JPG felt the need to repost it and praise his former flame in such a major, public way. Every time she's in the picture (literally or figuratively), it feels like he may not be 100 percent over her ... And in turn, Juan Pablo and Carla's relationship may not be as over as he's making it out to be. 

OR it could simply be that the two remain close friends despite their breakup ... For the sake of their daughter or just because they're happier with one another in a platonic way. Still, if I was Nikki Ferrell, I wouldn't be so quick to assume romantic possibilities with Carla are destined to remain in Juan Pablo's past ... The guy still seems plenty enamored by his baby mama.

What do you think is the deal with JPG and Carla? Does Nikki have any reason to be concerned?



Image via Juan Pablo Galavis/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Sandra Banx

He is a viper. Not to be trusted. Nix better open her eyes, she's just being strung along. Hispanic men LAUGH at women like her. Camilla & mami will always be around to reel him back. They know the score, as does everyone but nix.

nonmember avatar Larue Solomon

His bond with his daughter is very strong. That's the way it goes with good fathers. Nikki will always be second.. I think Nik should pick out a great doctor...she could get any of them she wanted, and have a great life because as much as I am fan of Juan Pablo, he truly was not ready to make the kind of commitment the bacnhleor franchise was looking for. Now he has sowed some wild oats and Carla is looking good again by being more independent, I think JP will be wanting to complete his family with her. Don't feel bad Nikki, you are a great are a winner!

nonmember avatar Jessica Hamaker

I think Juan Pablo went on the Bachelor to be on tv, I think he's still in love with his ex.. I don't think him and Nikki match as a couple at all, he's much better looking than her, sorry Nikki, hope you your real match because Juan isn't it :)

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