'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Ramona Pulls Her Most Immature, Obnoxious Move to Date

ramona singerOn Tuesday, the ladies of The Real Housewives of New York made the trip allll the way up to Heather's home in The Berkshires. For anyone who's confused about what The Berkshires are, Ramona will describe it to you as a place for people who can't afford The Hamptons. Also, it's a place where the homes don't have air conditioning -- which Ramona does not like.

Throughout the ladies' stay at Heather's home, there may have been about an eighth of a second that Ramona wasn't complaining and acting completely put-upon for being there. It was actually incredibly annoying to watch. But the shock of the episode came when Ramona threw a glass -- not a drink, a glass -- at Kristen's face and split her lip.

I know.

The ladies all decided to go out on canoes on the lake and have a glass of wine at sunset. For the first time during the trip, Ramona seemed to be enjoying herself -- so much so that she was demanding people shut up for five minutes so she could soak up the ambiance. While Ramona was explaining to Sonja how Kristen's husband was talking about her business at a recent dinner, Kristen swam up and, jokingly, splashed the girls with water. That didn't go over well. Pissed that her freshly-blown out hair was ruined, Ramona chucked her glass of wine at Kristen, cutting her lip. Oh, and then she called her "a fucking bitch."

To say that Ramona overreacted is the understatement of the century. The woman was completely out of line -- and, man, so immature -- in the way she handled things. First of all, there was no need to get a blow out to go to the country for a girls weekend, and second of all really?! That's how she handles situations she doesn't like as a 50-something-year-old woman? Isn't that what 3-year-olds do?

Clearly, Ramona has it out for Kristen, as this is now the second time she's thrown something in her face. I'd advise Kristen to steer clear of this nut case for a while ... unless she enjoys errant objects flying near, or in, her face.

What do you think of Ramona's behavior?


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nonmember avatar Mellie

Ramona needs to be off this show already!! She is completely out of her mind! I despise her!!

nonmember avatar melissa

What an awful human being Ramona really is. Without beginning to consider throwing a glass at another's face & almost an oar!?! And not apologizing or thinking it was necessary. Wow, really. She needs to be removed from the cast a.s.a.p. Her attitude regarding anything is worse than a 2yr old & not enjoyable to watch. Lastly to sink to her level, she needs a new hair stylist, each blow out looks terrible & out of style.

nonmember avatar Nini

Ramona is such a jealous bitch, she's jealous of Kristin being really pretty. You're old and rude, go to the Hamptons and get drunk, you piece of trash.

nonmember avatar Joyce North

Ramona chews with her mouth open - dinner prior to Berkshire weekend where her lack of manners incidents are too many to list. She has the manners of a goat!

nonmember avatar Jeannette

Ramona is old, immature and classless.

nonmember avatar Sandy Kay

Ramona is one of the most obnoxious women on the planet (the Kardashians come to mind, too). She is so annoying, self righteous, rude, ignorant and truly stupid that I can't believe that anyone gives her the time of day.....

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Bravo Promotes VIOLENCE . Andy and Bravo need to be sued

nonmember avatar stephany

How does anyone stand to be around ramona? That bitch is fucking crazy! Beyond crazy, shes an absolute psycho! Seriously, she needs to be medicated!

nonmember avatar Sylvia

Ramona needs to be remove from the show immediate , she had become the poster board for "white thrush". Maybe she can take Sonya with her. Wow, enough garbage already!

Eileen Kirker-Munoz

Ramona was totally out of her mind and should have been arrested for her behavior. She is someone that was obviously raised in a barn, since she displays the worst manners. Having a little cash in the bank doesn't make her a better person, nor does it make her superior. Aviva had it right when she called Ramona "White Trash". Ramona should be terminated from BRAVO for assulting her cast mate and charges should be brought against her.

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