The Real Reason Jenelle Evans Waited So Long to Divorce Courtland Rogers

jenelle evansSadly, some romances are doomed to fail. Jenelle Evans' marriage to Courtland Rogers certainly fell in that category. It's harsh to say, I know. But clearly it's the truth. After a ridiculously rocky union, it is almost officially over. The Teen Mom has finally filed for divorce. And that means something really significant.

With Courtland legally out of her life, Jenelle can focus on her new man Nathan Griffith and the baby they are expecting together later this summer.

You may recall that she wed Courtland in 2012 in a small courthouse ceremony, but things quickly went downhill. In fact, they were both arrested for heroin possession in April 2013. Turned out, they were a match made in matrimonial hell. But she had to wait an entire year to file for divorce because of some South Carolina law.

Now the papers are filed and Jenelle is nearly a free woman. Word is, Courtland wants to be as free as she does. Hopefully this all resolves soon for them both. Jenelle certainly is ready to move on and marry Nathan.

Do you think the divorce will go smoothly or will Courtland make crazy demands?


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nonmember avatar Sinowei

Sad to say but I believe that she is headed in the wrong direction and she isn't listening to her mother. She should take some time to bond with her son Jace, but she will be a single mom raising her children with her mother.

nonmember avatar nat salt

This is to the Author of this article, please know facts before writing...Janelle lives in North Carolina, not south carolina. The N.C. divorce practice is after filing for legal separation the couple must wait a whole lunar year before their divorce can become finalized, this gives the couple ample time to settle property and allow them to decide to reconcile or go their separate ways. Its odd to some but for those who live in N.C. like myself would say take marriage/divorce seriously or be faced with the waiting game like janelle had to go through.

nonmember avatar Sugar titts

To the comment above me being so nasty to the author. Get your facts straight. Jenelle lives in SC, myrtle beach to be exact. She moved in with Nathan a while back. Don't you watch tm2?!

nonmember avatar nat salt

To the commenter Sugar t I do watch teen mom 2 and I know she filed for separation and divorce in North Carolina where she was married: Due to North Carolina's draconian laws, according to many showbiz sites, the minimum year of separation has passed and the Teen Mom star paid the $225 fee and submitted the paperwork in Brunswick County, N.C. My earlier comment was not meant to be nasty but to be factual divorce is simply different state to state and its harder for some to separate depending on where they live and file for divorce, that is all I was trying to convey

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