Prince William's Actions on Plane Leave World Stunned (PHOTOS)

Prince William

In general, he seems fairly down-to-earth despite his royal status, but would you believe Prince William flew coach from Memphis to Dallas on an American Airlines flight as he was making his way back to the U.K. after a wedding?

(Side note -- can you imagine being a guest at that wedding? OMG. And how about the shot above of Wills, taken while he was touring Graceland?!? You gotta love it.)

I'm not kidding, people. I'm sure the nice folks over at AA could have easily bumped a person or two out of first class so he could sit up front with the rest of the important peeps where he belongs -- but he opted to rough it out in economy with the rest of the cattle. (And I don't mean that to be derogatory. How do you feel when you're crammed into your seat on a full flight?)

And yes, there's even photo evidence of his trip.

A reporter from Memphis named Eli Ross snapped photos of Wills as he strolled through the airport in sneakers and a baseball cap. He even got a shot of him sitting in the window seat of the bulkhead on the plane.

Prince William

Prince William in coach

Are you believing this? Something tells me the people seated in the row with and around him are probably security detail, but if they aren't? Sheesh. Can you even imagine what a thrill that flight must have been? The blonde sitting directly behind Prince William does seem to be eavesdropping on whatever he's talking to his seatmate about. Can't really blame her though.

Apparently Wills chose to sit in coach to keep the cost down for his security detail since he was footing the bill for this trip himself. (Aww. Whatta guy.)

But still -- can you imagine how the people sitting in the first class cabin must have felt, knowing they were enjoying free drinks and snacks with royalty sitting right behind them? I hope the flight attendants at least broke the rules and let him use the lavatory at the front of the aircraft.

Man. This really speaks volumes about Prince William's character, doesn't it? Think about it for a second. Would you honestly be ok with sitting in economy class if you were the future King of England?

I didn't think so.

Are you impressed that Wills flew in coach?


Images via Pacific Coast News/Twitter

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nonmember avatar sheila

I think it is great.

Felina McPeters

May be he wants that inconveniency for a change. You know what I mean?

nonmember avatar pauline

There was not first class cabin on this plane. Some smaller jetliners do not have first class sections. So William had no choice. But he was in first/business class to london.

Debbie Learn

Love how Prince William and Duchess Kate are so down to earth.

nonmember avatar Steve Adams

I would expect no less from this wonderful young man. He is a down to earth guy who "just happens to have been born into royalty", but he isn't letting that go to his head. I really admire him and hid unassuming demeanor.

Patricia Bunn

YES he is down to earth guy,and would make a great King,pleased he enjoyed the weekend at his friends wedding.

Elaine Read

Thats marvellous Prince William, being treated as a commener

nonmember avatar chris

I am glade he went coach. It shows princess Diana did right when she raised him. She wanted him to know he was not better than anyone else. Way to go prince William. Princess diana would be so proud

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