Juan Pablo Pretty Much Admits He Can’t Stand Andi Dorfman (VIDEO)

Juan PabloIf Juan Pablo is trying to pretend he's cool with Andi Dorfman, he's doing a really bad job at it. Their feud is clearly far from over. Considering Andi's Bachelorette promo poster and the teaser for her first episode both take a jab at poor Juanny Pabs, it's safe to say things are not okay between these two. (It's NOT okay. Irony!)

And since we all know how blunt Juan Pablo is, he can't even fake a nice comment about Andi if he tried. So when he was asked about the upcoming season, let's just say his response wasn't so sweet.

His thoughts on Andi as The Bachelorette?

Uh ... I don't know. It's going to be tough. We'll see how she does. I don't -- I have no idea.

He's just being honest, you guys. He simply doesn't know how she will do! And he couldn't possibly say she will do great because he doesn't know if she will do great. She might be really bad! You don't expect him to lie, do you? He's an honest person! (Did you read that entire paragraph with a Juan Pablo accent? Because I wrote it with one.)

Check out the interview here:

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Do you think Juan Pablo still has negative feelings toward Andi?

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Sandra Blake

His has aright to his opinion.  She dissed him on the program.  And not everyone is for everyone else.  I think she was the problem.  She had no call to do what she did in front of the tv cameras, except that I think it was all done for publicity and I think she already knew she was gonna be the bachelorette.  Horrible choice - just saying.


Florence Christine Hayden

Juan sresses impt. of being honest however, He does not appreicate others honesty re. him.  lol


SC Belmonte

Sandra Blake - 100% agree with you.

nonmember avatar Debbie

Andi was mean and condescending to Juan Pablo and I particularly disliked the obvious disdain she expressed for Catholicism when she said, "You're Catholic." I still remember the look on her face.

I am not a fan of Andi, however, I wish her the best of luck this season. This season's bachelors should proceed with caution.

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