Kristen Stewart Attends Met Gala Looking NOTHING Like Herself (PHOTO)

Kristen StewartWhoa. We haven't seen her out in public at an event for quite some time, but you are seriously not going to believe how different Kristen Stewart looked at the Met Gala in New York City last night.

Since she's the face of Chanel, she fittingly wore a piece from their Haute Couture collection. And the dress was pretty darn elaborate, to say the least, considering it had sequins, tulle, and feather embroidery going on.

In addition to a chic fishtail braid in her bright orange hair, you aren't going to believe the "accessory" KStew decided to throw on for her big night out in the city.

Check it out.


Kristen Stewart

No, you aren't hallucinating. That's a full-blown grin on her face, and I must say, it looks damn good on her. (Don't worry, I had to do a double-take too.)

OMG. No more blank stare. No more glances that say, "Take my pic all you want ... I really don't give a shit."

You guys? Kristen looks (dare I say it?) ... happy. Like legitimately content. She seemed to be in such a dark place after the whole cheating scandal and her split from Robert Pattinson, so it's nice to see that she's finally made her way back to the land of the living.

Everybody makes mistakes, and given how young she is, should we really let one momentary lapse in judgment change our opinion of her forever?

Based on the smile on her face, it's clear that she's more than ready to put the past behind her and move on too. Of course, whether that means getting back together with Rob in Cannes remains to be seen, but regardless, Kristen does look more satisfied with her life than ever.

She should think about bringing that grin along with her wherever she goes from here on out. It certainly suits her way better than the Grumpy Cat face.

Do you think Kristen looks happier than ever?


Images via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty; Larry Busacca/Getty

kristen stewart


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nonmember avatar lenaj

Another style win for Kristen Stewart. Beautiful Kristen, she looks unique and wonderful. She has fantastic good hair.
I love her whole look. Hoping that Kristen had lovely evening with her friend Keough. The girls look great for me.

nonmember avatar Zoe

Seriously. Who hurt you? I mean the need to continually throw shade at women that have MORE has to come for a place of severe unhappiness and hurt, so I ask again:

Who hurt you?

nonmember avatar June

I think Kristen looks wonderful! So glad she got rid of the bag lady look. She is so beautiful! She should never have to hide that.You go girl!

nonmember avatar Pepper

I have seen her smile on other things. And she's always to me been very beautiful :) she's different just like everyone else is different in their own way. Pshh I wouldn't want to be the same as everyone else that would be very boring lol

ap58 ap58

thats only for a half a day she is back to her hobo self again with ripped shirt  ,bra showing and greasy looking hair

Patricia Rust

You know what she is Kristen Stewart she can dress and look any way she want's. She is very beautiful even when she dresses down. I think that her and Rob are talking and doing there own thing away from the public eye,so I wouldn't be at all unhappy  if they do hook up in Cannes.


Tanya Bernadotte

it's sucks to know that she is a person who cheats, (i believe once a cheater always a cheater) because I love her so much, I've always thought she looked stunning. she has a great smile. I'm not a fan of the dress though

Joyce Martinez

She looks stunning and I have always been a fan of hers and Robert Pattinson as well. I wish them both happiness no matter the paths they take.

nonmember avatar Pam

I think she looks hot

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