'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra's Marriage Was a Huge Mistake

Tamra and Eddie Judge could be on the rocks This week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, all the water-cooler-worthy chat? That happened in the last five minutes. Sure, the show tried to let us spend time with two of the newest Housewives, Shannon Beador and Lizzie Rovsek, but their storylines were as bland as the blandest of all Melba toast. And while I've never met a cracker I didn't like, when you hunger for something more complex, crackers just ain't cutting it ... sorry, I'm just really hungry. 

For me the meat (mmmm meat) of the episode was Tamra Judge dropping the baby bombshell on her new pec-tacular hubby Eddie Judge. I kind of can't believe that they didn't have this discussion about having kids together before they got married. I mean, isn't to-kid or not-to-kid one of the big deal-breakers couples face? It has to have come up because Eddie went into the marriage totally fine with Tamra's decision to have her tubes tied! Clearly the dude was all about no babies. 

I just don't think it's fair of Tamra to put Eddie in this position now. He made his feelings about being a father clear before they tied the knot: He's not interested. Fine! His prerogative! I understand that Tamra's dealing with a lot of sadness and strain over the shared custody of her other children with Simon, but having a baby to literally just have one around? It came off sounding sad, ill-advised, and, uh, kind of selfish.

I feel like a jerk for even saying that because it's clear that Tamra adores all of her children, and she adores being a mother. But we've seen what a struggle finding herself and earning happiness has been for her. I worry that if she presses this issue with Eddie, it's only going make things difficult between them.

Eddie wants so much for her to be happy, but already her flip on the kids issue is kind of making him sound like an asshole! Sure, when he told her it was fine, but she would have to "do all the work of raising it," I cringed. But you know what? He wouldn't have said it if Tamra hadn't changed her mind.

What do you think, should they have a baby or is Tamra wrong?


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2rcom4t 2rcom4t

People change so maybe he might if there was a baby, Her statement in her confessional about wanting a baby Simon couldn't take from her is not reason enough JMO

nonmember avatar sandy

Oof--that's gotta hurt. Even though Tamra is flipping on her previous agreement, it sounds as if her desire now is one born of pain: She probably is really looking for some way through her pain, and she jumped to the idea of a child. Although I feel sorry for her, I don't think Eddie is wrong or an ass: He made his feelings clear, and he trusted that Tamra would maintain her agreement. Since there is no pregnancy, they have time to sort through all of this; however, if Tamra pushes and continues to draw her feelings about SImon and their kids into the discussion, she has to expect that Eddie will never agree to a baby. Finally, why would you want to have to push your husband into having a baby? That is a recipe for a mess, if not a divorce!

ninag... ninag1980

No brainer, Tamara is wrong. She needs to get it together and go to counseling or something. Why cant she use the free time with Eddie?

Shandi80 Shandi80

I think Tamra needs a good lawyer and some therapy. Last night was painful to watch. 

I don't know about these new girls, either. They're kinda....meh. 

youth... youthfulsoul

Ya bad idea and the second I was told I'd have to do all the work, I think I would have decided then and there against it.

nonmember avatar Justjala

Youthfulsoul I HEAR you LOUD and clear... The second that man said those words I would have sent me in a friggin mind spin thinking.... Yes you miss your kids however you do NOT replace them with another BABY!! Hello are you a idiot are what !?!?!?

nonmember avatar wicked

Tamera is obviously going through a difficult time dealing with her custody battle with Simon and adjusting to the Reality regarding her marriage to Eddie.

Personally, I find Eddie as controlling as Simon and I applaud Tamera for taking time to date & get to know Eddie, but making choices regarding spouses is not Tamera's talent. Having more children does not fill the void of children you are estranged from. Having children with a man who does not want children is marital suicide..

Anne Bailey

You should feel like a jerk. The fact is Eddie DID say he wanted a kid. They even replayed that scene during tonight's episode, which came as a surprise to Tamra at the time. She felt she might need to think about it, for his sake. But now that she really wants one, he just dismisses her. I don't care if it's a bad idea or good, if a man really loves a woman, he treats her with more sensitivity than that. He's been really arrogant around her all season...and really for a lot of the time last season, before they got married. It was a lovely wedding, but the marriage itself looks depressing. Poor Tamra.

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