'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Arianna Repeats Her Mother's Past

16 and pregnant ariannaArianna is a high school senior from Georgia, and despite all of her big dreams and hopes for her future, it looks like she might be following in her mother's footsteps. We've seen that daughters of teen mothers are 66 percent more likely to become teen moms themselves, and it seems that Arianna was no exception.

Her own mom, Michelle, gave birth to Arianna when she was 17. And Arianna has grown up to be very creative and artistic and dreams of pursuing her PhD in psychology because there's been a lot to analyze in her life.

As she points out, her father left when she was just a baby. Her mother later remarried, but Arianna does not like her stepdad, so she's moved in with her grandmother. But her grandma's apartment is so small that the two actually have to share a bed. Did that make anyone else question where she got pregnant?

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But not long into high school, she met her boyfriend: Maurice. The two were only dating a month and a half before she was pregnant, and despite his initial support, the dude quickly lost interest. He is, after all, an aspiring artist who's making a mixed tape, so he's got other to-dos on his list (sarcasm to the max). But like Arianna, Maurice's father was also not around when he was growing up, so he's vowed to be more involved in his own son's life. As soon as that music career thing happens, it seems.

Throughout the episode, Arianna was trying her hardest to still remain a teenager while prepping for a baby. She went to homecoming, she took a driver's license test, and she spent time with her family and friends. Maurice, however, was not that responsive. Luckily, it seems like the two parents have some very lucky support systems. Between Arianna's mother and grandmother, and Maurice's mother and grandparents, the duo have just enough support (read: $$$) to prep for the baby.

But their relationship wasn't all peachy keen, jelly beans. Maurice asked for a paternity test multiple times. Ouch. He didn't help to furnish the baby's home at Arianna's grandmother's apartment during the pregnancy and seemed genuinely disinterested in keeping up with the timeline. He went about with his life with absolutely no sense of urgency or an impending due date.

But as it turns out, they didn't have too much time because during a checkup, Arianna's doctor decided it was time to induce. Maurice did show up, with a toy in hand, and hours later, Arianna gave birth to baby Aiden.

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All was fine and dandy, but it didn't last for long. The new parents quickly got into an argument about how Maurice still hadn't brought over anything to her home, and when he went to hold the baby, Arianna went completely mama bear.

"Give me my child and get out of my room," she said. "Don't come back." She called a nurse into her room and Maurice left. 

But after Arianna brought Aiden home, Maurice did show up. With everything she asked for. And he got a job. (applause all around)

Later, the two met up at a coffee shop, where Maurice brought even more items for Aiden, and this time, Arainna stormed out, claiming that Maurice needed to change but refusing to acknowledge that she needed to do the same. And kudos to Maurice for pointing out that they both need to change -- neither is faultless. He hasn't been around, but she hasn't made it easy. They're both teenagers, still navigating the "real world," and need to grow up. Quickly.

But it seems like the future is hopeful for the two. Maybe not romantically, but they're both flanked by supportive families, and both want the best for Aiden. Since neither of them had their fathers growing up, it seems like they both understand that they need to be involved. Now let's hope they see that they need to be involved together.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you think Maurice is the only one who needs to make changes?

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KayceeKC KayceeKC

And chances are Arianna's child will also repeat her mistake. It's a continuous cycle.

nonmember avatar mel

People are too judgemental. That boy is trying to learn how to be something he was never shown. There is society standard of what a father is, but that is very different then learning the lessons of what a man is day by day as he grows into an adult. It's hard to learn these difficult lessons, it's hard to do the right thing when you haven't fully been shown that . I don't believe it will continue into a vicious cycle and I don't see it as fully negative . This is her path in life she chose.

irish... irishstarz

The boy is an idiot. It's no wonder she was constantly having to tell him what he needed to do; he needed directions!

craft... craftycatVT

He wasn't too bright, but he was making some progress towards the end, and she just kept bringing up the same argument and wouldn't let it go. She claims to want her son's father in his life, but she's going to end up chasing him away.

Templ... Templeoftrust

They are both immature and need to grow up for their baby. Stop fighting and come up with a solution on how to make things right for their child. If I was the mother of one of these teens, I would be arranging for all grandparents and family to come together to support and try helping these two immature teens to make right by that baby.

nonmember avatar Nelly

Arianna seems like she's trying to be like every other teen mom and have problems with her babies father. She needs to learn to let stuff go. He seemed better than alot of teen dads on 16 and pregnant. He surprised her with little gifts here and there but she always seemed like she wanted to bring up the past. The baby is here now so whatever happened between her and the babys dad is in the past the future is what she should look forward to.

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