Catelynn Lowell Makes a Major Lifestyle Change She'll Never Regret

Catelynn Lowell

If there was any doubt over whether or not she and Tyler Baltierra are serious about trying to have another baby, the fact that Catelynn Lowell is quitting smoking should convince you she's ready to be a mom.

Yep. She's kicked the cancer sticks to the curb, people. And while some may take this as an indication that she's already expecting, she could also simply be trying to make her body as healthy as possible to increase the chances of conceiving.

Oh, and since most women also don't even realize they're preggo until around the four-week mark, it's probably a good idea for her to give up the cigs now so she doesn't wind up smoking while pregnant and not even knowing it.

And wait until you see what she's using to help her kick the habit.

jolly ranchers

Yep. Nothing like replacing one oral fixation with another in the hopes of getting off the nicotine once and for all. (But hopefully she has good dental insurance.)

And while it may take a few weeks before she stops craving cigarettes, we have to give Catelynn props for having her priorities in order as far as the health of her future baby goes. It's yet another sign that she and Tyler really are ready to venture into the world of parenthood, despite anyone who thinks they're getting in way over their heads.

Are you proud of Catelynn for trying to quit smoking?


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Dana Gibson

I;m so proud of you Catelynn!  I have been smoke free for going on 8 years in July...however it is still hard at time; i still get craving''s a hard habit to break but with drinking lots of water, chewing sugar free gum, chapstick and i quit with the patch..i couldn't do it cold turkey!  So good for you!  Good luck!

nonmember avatar Sarah

I'm not the only one that used candy, mine was sugar free but it worked! Good for you!!! Good luck and congrats! Babydust!

nonmember avatar Christy stines

Good job keep up the good work and I hope u get a baby

nonmember avatar Jessica

Unless you have smoked you will never understand how hard it is to quit. As long as she brushes her teeth and maybe changes to sugar free candy she will be fine. Let's have you choco-holics stop eating chocolate. It's hard. Cudos to you girl. I'm proud of you!!!!

nonmember avatar Tamara

I smoked for 8 years. Quit cold turkey in January. "Apparently they're bad for you."-(Heath Ledger in 10 Things..) It's all about will-power and ACTUALLY wanting to... not being forced to. If you want something bad enough, you'll do whatever it takes to achieve it.

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