Pregnant Jenelle Evans Caught Partying With Nathan Griffith & Friends

Jenelle EvansDid Jenelle Evans relapse into her party girl ways over the weekend? The Teen Mom 2 star has a history of getting wild and crazy, but we all thought she was doing so much better this past year, especially since getting pregnant with Kaiser eight months ago.

But it looks like she was out bar-hopping with her baby daddy Nathan Griffith and some other friends over the weekend. Will she never learn? ZOMG, Jenelle, you can't go out drinking when you're supposed to give birth next month!

Jenelle re-tweeted a photo that one of her friends posted of their night out on Saturday. The next day she addressed the naysayers, and her excuse for being out late drinking is one we never thought we'd hear from the old Jenelle.

Jenelle Evans, designated driver? Well I'll be ... even more surprising is that she says Babs can preach for her healthy lifestyle choices? Her mother Barbara? To say their relationship has been tumultuous over the years would be an understatement.

It seems like everything is working out fantastically for Jenelle, but will she get pulled down by friends who no longer have the same priorities as her? If Nathan's out drinking all the time, will she be tempted to go down that path again?

Maybe not. It seems priorities for both of them have changed. When a fan asked Jenelle if Nathan drinks often, the reality star responded, "Nope hasn't drank in monthsssss."

I guess that DUI last fall and subsequent jail time really got to Nate, since it doesn't look like he wants to repeat the mistakes of his past. Wow. It seems that these two are really growing up and handling life well. Let's hope it continues as they welcome Kaiser sometime next month!

Do you think it's a bad idea for Jenelle to go out with friends, even if she doesn't drink?


Image via shae_bradley/Instagram

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Robin Lindsay Sprouse

Was she even drinking? You don't know. Maybe she was having a glass of red wine. Stop stalking other families and take care of your own. Where's your baby daddy?

nonmember avatar gerri

He could be the one taking the photo for one of the friends.....Glad that she is stepping in and making sure that her man makes it home and not drinking and driving.....why cant people leave her alone!!

nonmember avatar Meg

Okay how do you know she was drinking? I'm unfollowing this page you will report anything for a story. You're completely ridiculous.

nonmember avatar noneya

its not very good parenting to be 8 mo preggo in a bar....not onky that if she wants custody back why is she not with her kid instead if in a bar....

nonmember avatar noneya

its not good parenting choices to be 8 mo preggo haniging in a bar wether your dding or not...not only that looks like jenelles new boo and her friends come bfefore jacr still yet she wants custody back PUT YOUR BIG GITRL PANTIES on and be a mother YOUR 8 mos preggers geezus

Lucki... Luckicharmz

Sorry, can someone please explain to me how having a nice night out with friends is bad parenting? Or are pregnant women supposed to just sit at home twiddling their thumbs for 9 months >.>

Yes in this particular case she should be spending time with her son and working on custody etc. But seriously an average parent is capable of getting a babysitter once in awhile to go have a break

nonmember avatar de

I don't think she did anything wrong, she is just going out, not drinking or anything. What does it matter? You all think too much into things. Let the chick go out and have a good sober time. Damn

nonmember avatar momofanangel

i love jenelle. Shes made mistakes but who hasnt? shes got her shit together now for the sake of her kids. Im assuming it was at night so how exactly was she supposed to be working on getting jace back right then? and going out for time with friends doesnt make you a bad parent.... it makes you human. I guess her haters will just look for any excuse to put her down!

nonmember avatar Ashlee Spry

when I was pregnant I went out to a few shows to support some friends & local artist. I didn't drink & I had an amazing time! there is nothing wrong with it.

nonmember avatar Caitlin.

THis is very pathetic. She's everyones DD which is beyond respectable and you're making her look like trash.

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