Khloe Kardashian Looks Unrecognizable in Sexy New Photo

Khloe Kardashian plastic surgery

It seems like Botox is the new black, and we all know how trendy those Kardashian sisters are. Khloe Kardashian in particular is looking more and more like a different person with each day that passes. While I can't technically say that she's gotten any kind of plastic surgery, I can say ... what the hell is going on with her face?

Kylie Jenner shared a photo of her drastically different-looking older sis, and it's got everyone all kinds of confused.

Check out the shocking photo:

Khloe Kardashian plastic surgery

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The plumped lips, the puffy cheeks, it just doesn't look like the Khloe we know and love. I guess we could blame stress since this chick has been through quite a bit of drama lately (Khlo money, Khlo problems) -- but when I get stressed out, I don't just morph into a different-looking human being, so I guess that's out. We can't blame puberty either because she's, like, 30 years old. Oh, I know. It's makeup! Wondrous, face-morphing makeup.

Are we all supposed to pretend that nothing's changed about her appearance? Just like we're supposed to act like it's totally normal for Kylie Jenner to not wear pants?

Whatever the case may be, Khloe still looks beautiful. And I hope she realizes she doesn't have to change her appearance or lose a ton of weight to be a gorgeous woman, inside and out!

What do you think of Khloe's new look?

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Dawn Dealmeida

She had her lips done.. So she's got the pucker up thing going on

Carol Glendening

I think she looks if she could clean up her filthy mouth

Kim-ann Van Der Walt

She definatley looks like so had work done. Shame they can't love the body God gave them!!! They will age and then gravity will take its toll hahahahaha

nonmember avatar Kristi

What I think is that she is focusing on herself. She is losing weight and gaining confidence. Losing weight can change your face. I lost 10 pounds over the last month and my face looks drastically different. I am also making sure now that I have gained confidence that I am putting ny best foot forward by making sure I look the best I can each day. Khloe is a woman just like all of us..... and I think that the practice of one woman criticizing another for their own personal choices regarding their image needs to stop. We are all sisters and should treat each other positively and with love and kindness instead of continually dissecting each other piece by peice and gossiping. Articles such as this one are uninformative, biased, ab and of no value to women. each her own.....I look the way I do based only upon what makes ME happy and not anybody else.... just like every woman should.

nonmember avatar Denise

I think she looks great and I agree with Kristi above when you loose weight ex specially a bunch your whole being changes trust me I know I lost weight changed my hair style and color and my own brothers and sister didn't recognize me

nonmember avatar Jules

Pathetic. Despite their over-the-top dramatic attitudes and their rich-girl personas I like the Kardashians. Khloes face MIGHT have botox but it looks more like makeup and then airbrushing in the first, and shadow play in the second.

Get real people stop picking apart celebs just because you envy them it's getting so old. We're from the 21st century if you lust after the fake, then just be one. Cheers -

marti... martiniqueenie

She looks great. Weight loss can change your face dramatically. If she's using Botox or fillers I say "go girl"! Do what ever it takes.

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