Jenelle Evans' Sexy Shower Selfie Is As Suggestive As It Gets (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

Uhhhh. You know how some women feel ... less than sexy during the third trimester of their pregnancy? Yeah, well, apparently that's not the case for Jenelle Evans.

It's kind of expected for her and Nathan Griffith to want to make up for lost time since they were forced to be apart while he was in the slammer, but they certainly aren't being shy about the fact that they're all over each other these days. After a relaxing day spent soaking up the sun at the beach, check out this suggestive shower selfie Jenelle shared of the two of them getting ready to ... do whatever in there.

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith


Considering she captioned this shot with, "be jealous," we can probably go ahead and assume that they were doing more than rinsing the sand off their freshly tanned bods.

But I do have one question -- what the hell is Nathan all pouty about?!? Dude. You're in the shower with your girlfriend. And I know she's VERY preggo and all, but still -- you're IN THE SHOWER with your girlfriend. Put a smile on your face and go with it already.

(At least Jenelle appears to be excited about whatever was about to go down.)

All kidding around aside, however, I gotta say more power to Jenelle for not being the least bit inhibited about engaging in a little shower love with her man even though she's sporting a big ol' baby bump. It definitely speaks volumes about her confidence level, and as we all know -- there's really nothing more attractive to dudes than a woman who's sure of herself.

Did you feel sexy during your pregnancy?


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mrs.r... mrs.reece

Wow, that was just so suggestive! Get me all excited just to let me down!

Dorothy Clark Yost

he dont love her you can tell. he wants the fame and that is it. just you wait and see. he will try to take the baby from her too. and probly get it cus she never took care of jace. WATCH . it will happen

Leena Elliana Cyrus

Maybe they were just going to shower? I never shower without my fiance.

Amber Dwyer

right?  i hate couples like that.  they even crap together bc they want everyone to know they spend every waking moment together.  oh heart.  BLAH!  

nonmember avatar bob

Looks to me like ahe probably told him no shes happy about it and he's pouting kind cute pic if you ask me

tmrvi... tmrvica1225

He's probably frowning because he's at the cold end of the shower! That's why my hubby and I (of 11 years) don't shower together! Baths on the other hand, are more fun!

Cathy Topping Monico

So....let me get this straight, she's a pregnant teen and he was in jail and they are on a t.v. show? Wow, great role models. There you go kids, get pregnant by a convict and you will be famous.

Kevin Lund

who.the.fuck.cares. time to unsubscribe.

nonmember avatar Christina

It really doesnt matter. You all are way too obsessed with her life. It barely shows anything. Grow up

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