'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion Recap: NeNe's Shocking Homophobic Slip Was Truly Gross

Nene Leakes When I turned on The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion and learned that the third and final installment of the season would be two hours long, I considered taking a long walk off a short pier or perhaps indulging in a hot bath with a sharp razor. Then I thought better of both grim options, popped the cava, and tried to think happy thoughts as these wenches commenced caterwauling. May their grating wails and overlapping accusations haunt your dreams as they surely will mine. 

Last week NeNe Leakes was almost brutally silent. This week she went the other way, and we all came away liking her the less for it. She owes the entire gay community a sincere apology. I'll make it bigger: She owes humanity a sincere apology for the way she spoke to Andy Cohen.

When confronted over her derogatory use of the word "queen" to describe Kenya Moore's friend Brendan, NeNe gave a false, false, false apology. That's nothing new. We know Madame Leakes does not have the ego or self-esteem necessary to accept real blame for anything. After rolling her eyes and demanding to know if she now has to kiss Andy's ass, she trumpeted that she guessed she'd have to host a "gay function" to make up for the damage she'd done.

Gregg Leakes piped up making it worse by saying, "A parade!" That's right, Gregg o' my heart. That was both a funny and original stab at homophobic humor! Two points to Hufflepuff! *Sung to the tune of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," Made Popular by the Musical Cartoon The Lion King* CANNNN YOU HEEEEAR THE SARCASSSSM TONIGHT? BOOOO, Gregg! Boo! I take back my T.V. pitch wherein you start your barbershop and shenanigans ensue. I take it back, I say! 

I understand that NeNe was fuming over allegations that she's incapable of apologizing, but this was the wrong time and definitely the wrong case to try and prove some stupid point. NeNe was once my true love; now she is but one of the countless wraiths whose hissing words of malice haunt the dirges sung to me in the reality-T.V.-addled web of poisoned nightmares that have become my dreaming hours. STOKES OUT. 

Did you think NeNe was out of line?


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nonmember avatar Bravo Fan

I was very annoyed by this. Their comments were very low class and offensive.

nonmember avatar c3sparkle

I don't get it one minute the gay men are running around calling themselves and others a queen or diva now you are pissed. So please explain it to me. It would be the same to me as he calling Kenya acting like she a queen which Kenya thinks she is.

nonmember avatar sandy

I am disappointed to read about this: Nene seems to be walking an increasingly precarious fine line between funny and offensive, if not incendiary. I want to keep enjoying her comments, as I have in the past, but when anyone even hints at a prejudice against minority groups (including African-Americans, by the way), I lose respect and interest in hearing anything else that person may have to say. I seriously wonder if Nene is exhibiting a symptom of peri- or actual menopause: Some women really have a rough time with it, and severe mood swings or personality changes can be part of the hormonal upheaval. (This is how much I used to enjoy Nene: I'm making excuses for her bigotry!) How very sad and disappointing...

nonmember avatar Mrs. C

Nene was out of line as she always is. She sits there like she's eleven years old mad at her friend rooling her eyes and cutting everyone she addresses with that evil, mean tone of hers. Get rid of her FAST.... Oh one more thing since you never mind hurting others feelings. Loose lots of weight and NEVER put on that hidious Yellow outfit you Danced if that's what you call it AGAIN....BIG BIG BIRD.....

nonmember avatar Patricia

I thought I was going to be reading a recap of the reunion. Instead I just got a face full of what the writer things of Nene. Will you actually be recapping the reunion anytime soon?

Judy Tarver

What she said to Andy was "do you want me to pull down your pants and kiss your A$$$?" She is gone , gone, gone from the show. That's why she insulted the essence of his being in a crude and horrible way.

Cindy Mullenax

A show about so- called WOMEN WAS A HUGE DISASTER in the Making...Why do We CONSTANTLY tear each other apart, INSTEAD of BUILDING and Lifting Each other up???! We as Women are VERY EMOTIONAL Creatures to say the LEAST!!! Also, PLEASE do NOT get me started on the DOUBLE STANDARDS that SOCIETY has ALLOWED us to be, I will tell You what I MEAN... Gay Males CONSTANTLY CALL EACH OTHER Queens, B!TCHES, Queen Bitch, Hey Gurl, ETC... When a Heterosexual calls them the names I LISTED ABOVE, EVERYONE LOSES THEIR DANG MIND!!! Just like the N WORD, They can say it to each other, but GOD FORBID Someone of another color, EXCEPT Mexicans, You have RIOTS, Al Sharpton and ETC...Folks, WE HAVE TO GET IT TOGETHER,ESPECIALLY FOR OUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE FOR GOD SAKE!!! Let PEOPLE LIVE!!! It is OK TO AGREE TO DISAGREE, Who cares what COLOR,You are, what Faith You believe in, Who You LOVE or Your Lifestyle!!! THIS IS WHAT IS DESTROYING THE WHOLE WORLD!!! Be kind and Help Your Fellow Man, Woman, and Child...UNTIL YOU WALK A MILE IN SOMEONE ELSE'S SHOES, If You CAN'T  Say or DO Something Nice,take a GOOD HARD LOOK AT THAT PERSON YOU SEE IN  THE MIRROR!!! Thank You for listening, and GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

nonmember avatar mfkf22

NeNe is as ghetto as you can get!! Mainly because she tries so hard NOT to be ghetto and behaves as if she is ABOVE those who are ghetto.

I doubt she'll get the boot from the show. Unfortunately, Bravo knows people can't help but watch that which is truly P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C and NeNe fits that description perfectly.

wendy... wendywendy

The whole show is out of line, in my opinion.  

nonmember avatar Casey

It has nothing to do with double standards, as nene would like you to believe. When nene originally said the comment she said " queen in the red gown" (he was wearing red silk pajamas)and followed by " you were lucky you didn't get your ass beat" and that is so wrong! Words have CONNOTATIONS sweetie, and NeNe was not saying it in the fabulous manner the way the gay community uses the term. She honestly believes Kenya's friends brutal attack was justified. I think it's so sad that they have criminals and ex strippers representing the black community. Of course they would believe that if somebody "threatens" your space, you should physically attack them, that's gorilla behavior! Bunch of animals.

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