Have You Been Bitten by Vampire Fever?


Photo By Michael Buckner/Getty

America has been bitten by vampires this fall. From the Twilight series of books to HBO's series,True Blood, vampires are everywhere.


Here are CafeMom,we have a 1,000 member private group dedicated to the Stephanie Meyer Twilight book series.The first movie from those books hits theatres November 21, 2008.


Based on the Southern vampire books by Charlaine Harris, Alan Ball, of American Beauty fame is the man behind the TV show. The books and the series follow the story of a waitress named Sookie and her vampire love, Bill.

I am just starting to read the Twilight books and really like them, along with the new show on HBO.  

Have you been bitten by vampire fever this fall? Why do you think vampires are so hot right now? 


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