Kylie Jenner Steps Out With Justin Bieber & They Want Everyone to Know It (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber Kylie JennerSheesh, no wonder Selena Gomez dumped her pal Kylie Jenner. Uhhh, hello, those rumors about Kylie Jenner getting flirty with Selena's on-off boyfriend Justin Bieber seem to be justfied. The two attended the Floyd Mayweather boxing tournament together. Yikes!

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If Justin was trying to tell Selena something, he did a pretty good job of it by posting a pic of himself on Instagram with the littlest Jenner. Kylie's puffed up lips were in full view behind the Biebs' grainy photo. Also in the photo was a girl identified as model Yovanna Ventura.

And if these two are just pals -- let's hope so considering Kylie is only 16 -- Kylie sure dressed to impress. Kylie also posted a pic of herself at the fight wearing a sheer black dress that was up to here. There's hardly anything to it.

Kylie Jenner

I seriously hope these two aren't involved, but I guess Kylie wants her own Harry Styles moment. Of course, it wasn't that long ago that Justin was supposedly dating Kendall. So who knows what's going on here. Hopefully they're all just hanging out and Justin hasn't introduced the Jenner girls to Sizzurp and the fine art of chucking eggs at neighbor's homes yet.

Do you think Kylie needs an intervention?


Images via Instagram


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nonmember avatar francny

Both of the 2 youngest Jenner girls are way to sexualized for their age. In the REAL world what mother would allow a 16 year old to go to Vegas dressed like that unchaperoned? But then again, their mother has been selling them for years now.

nonmember avatar M

Do those kids ever go to fucking SCHOOL? Kris and Bruce are shit parents.

sassy... sassykat122

As to school, they are homeschooled. But I would not let my 16 go to Vegas any which way, certainly not dressed like that. Kris Jenner has been selling out her kids for years

tiafez tiafez

with Kim getting older and not as sought after, I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't have the Kris Jenner seal of approval. 

nonmember avatar Jane

They are to far gone! I just wish this family would just go away!

Judy Tarver

Someone should call social services...this girl is out of control and drunk.

Victoria Gaunt

The one thing I want to know is why Justin Bieber, an adult appears to be dating a CHILD? Does he not know that if he has a romantic relationship with her that it means he's a pedophile?

nonmember avatar maxxx

WOW!!....ur dad must be proud, or, does he go by mom now?....either way, im sure he/shes proud.....and how much money is kris making off this highly degrading pic of u? the way kris is "pro slutt" for u girls.....what a damn shame.....theres so many of yall in the family that one of u is gonna end up being so self destructive its gonna take ur life....wich one of u is it going to be.....i had my money on Rob since the only thing he can do is make socks and eat... .but now i dont know, u gorgeous girls seem to be far exceeding everyone in the family in such a short amount of time.... dont worry though, it seems the Kardashian girls are losing their place in hollywood, so ur mom kris will be paying more attention to u pretty soon, and of course she'll be paying more attention to the ten percent she makes off of exploiting u...oh and Kendall should prolly start preparing herself for Playboy bc Kris will be pimping u out soon ......Im a huge fan of the show and not neccesarily bc i like it but bc i love to laugh at the ridiculousness of (some) of the family.....but i will say out of all the the family kendall and kylie seemed to me to be the MOST level headed and normal... i hate to see such stunning beauty go to waste....smh

kikitice kikitice

This is called, "Doin' too much!" Her mother is probably the one who took the picture!

nonmember avatar namers

I was part of the "21 club" and that was in the 70's. I was a college student with a part time job and had my own apartment.

Her absentee parents should be held accountable for her shameless behavior.

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