Kelly Osbourne Nearly Unrecognizable After Shaving Head & Going Makeup Free (PHOTOS)

kelly osbourneThere are times when celebrities shave their heads and we cringe. I'm glancing at you, Britney Spears. But sometimes the look is positively perfect. Kelly Osbourne shaved her head and looks amazing! (Also note those nails! So fierce!) Okay, so it's just the sides of her head that she shaved and it's styled into a mohawk -- a purple mohawk at that. But she looks gorgeous and she also shared a makeup free picture.

She's nearly unrecognizable! We all know that makeup and hair can transform our looks drastically, but I almost wouldn't know if this was Kelly or not in her latest Instagram photos. What a beauty -- with or without hair, and with or without makeup. Take a look.

kelly jack osbourne

She and brother Jack are so adorable. And this heavy on the eye and light on the lip makeup suits her well. She captioned this photo #Twins? I love that lavender hair on her.

And now for makeup free ...

makeup free kelly osbourne

Ta-da! Oh Kelly you are gorgeous. "Make up free and loving it!" the 29-year-old wrote. I love it, too. I'd love to know what she uses on her skin -- it's flawless (besides a soft filter on Instagram because well, let's face it, I'd do the same thing).

What do you think of Kelly's hair and makeup free pics?


Images via Kelly Osbourne/Instagram

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Lexie Reeverts Scott

My personal opinion ( which means nothing to anybody but me) is that she looks kind of like a man- not that there is anything wrong with that, if it makes her happy on the inside.

tgtg tgtg

She is doing this for attention. She is a no talent child of famous parents.

wendy... wendywendy

She looks great and I like the lavender hair too.  The makeup free one, she looks like Kim from RHW of Atlanta.

Fance... Fanceeist

I love the hair pic with her and Jack. She looks like a normal person without make up. Not bad, not gorgeous, but ok.

Anoth... AnotherKim

She looks like she's lost more weight. Her face is really thin now. Still pretty and normal looking, but compared to the fuller features from years ago, she looks very thin.

abra819 abra819

She copied tyler oakley

nonmember avatar Nadine

Kelly and Jack both have those wide jaws... I can't describe it, but it's just as though they have puffy faces in the jaw area? Anyone else know what I'm trying to say? Lol... I don't think it's due to their weight because even since they both list a lot of weight, they have the same large face as they always had. P.S. Did anyone see Jack on "The Social" last week? It was a sad episode, between him talking about his M.S. (he was diagnosed two years ago) and Marie Osmond talking about her son, Michael's death when he was only 17 years old (that was like five years ago or about). She could hardly talk through the tears then the other hosts where tearing up.... ohhh it was a sad one.

sweet... sweetyepye

I think she looks great! Purple is my favorite color! I think Kelly has come a long way. With this look she really looks like her mom! You go girl!

nonmember avatar Bridgitte

Kelly is looking great with that color hair! She has so much raw talent and knows everything about fashion...therefore she had every right to be on the fashion police on the e channel. Love Jack too.

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