Robert Pattinson Gets Close with Late Night Mystery Blonde

Robert PattinsonIn some ways, it must suck to be Robert Pattinson. You can't even get within 20 feet of a member of the opposite sex without the media blasting that you are dating that person! And most of the time it's probably not true. But this time, it might be. Because I said so. And also, because Rob was with this new "mystery blonde" at an ungodly hour -- one a.m.! Okay, it was a Friday. But still. These kids!

Anyway, Rob and the blond, blue-eyed woman who, with her cigarette, turquoise rings, and what appears to be a lip stud, seems to be that grungy type that Rob goes for, came out of a Los Angeles restaurant past midnight.

While the two might just be pals, they definitely know each other well though, because they both got into the same car, in the back seat, where Rob was looking bleary-eyed and worse for wear.

In the backseat, Rob put his hands up to his face to block the paparazzi, but the blonde just stared at flashbulbs bemusedly. She looked kind of thrilled with all of the attention, truth be told. If I had to guess, I'd say these two are either just pals or are together but not serious. There's just something about her that yells "friend zone." I could be wrong though! I'm sure we'll all find out soon enough.

Meanwhile, this means that Rob is back in Los Angeles -- where of course Kristen also lives -- so maybe those two will finally realize what idiots they're being and just get back together already! Rob's birthday is May 13 and that's the perfect opportunity for KStew to send him a little gift and a text message, amiright?

Do you think this is Rob's new girlfriend? Or just a pal?


Image via David Tonnessen/Monterotti, PaciificCoastNews


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nonmember avatar sasa

first. the pictures are cut tenhos access to the sales site and the actual photos is obvious that there are more people,
Second, the girl is a friend of Dakota girlfriend, Kris girlfriend in friend Rob, to the HL knows it.
and third, on instagram and twitter the girl, it is evident that she is a lesbian

TRaven60 TRaven60

Did you purposely leave the fact that there were 3 people on this so called date?  Jamie Strachan was with them and is seen in some of the photos.  Jamie is the reason Rob is in the center of the back seat, he had to make room for Jamie.

 Kristen may live in LA but is currently in the other LA as in Lousianna filming  her next movie.  Maybe Rob and Kris will save their reunion for Cannes.  Poor reporting/commenting/gossiping once again from the "writers" of The Stir.confused

nonmember avatar Kelly

Kristen and Robert FOREVER!

nonmember avatar henna

Rob is single and ready to mingle

nonmember avatar tanya

Its such a happy time for Rob fans that he is finally over that sk@nk

nonmember avatar A

I really don't think Rob is "over" Kristen to tell the truth. He probably should be, but I just don't think he is!

Bobbie Vaughn

Wow could it be his sister??? because she sure looks like her.confused

nonmember avatar nicola

i dont whether Rob is dating this girl but i am very excited to see Rob with a new girl

Wendy Brantner

Good God, I hope he isn't dating this blonde. Looks like s/he used to be a dude in my opinion. I really could care less if he got back with KStew or not, just not this bohemian beast!

Caryn Burton

Wow, could you possibly be any more condescending or assaholic or presumptuous?  And, can we add in downright dishonest, just to have a go at Rob.  There were at least three if not more people all having supper together that evening as Rob's friend Jamie Strachan was with him and this 'mystery blonde'.  Not to mention, with all of the times you scream feminist togetherness when defending a woman who doesn't want or need your defense, you sure are quick to hop on the 'let's pick apart the 'new woman' and point out all the ways we want to keep her down' bandwagon.  No matter what the relationship, the fact that you keep attacking Rob from all sides does nothing but show what horrible people you really are.

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