Catelynn Lowell Stirs Up Controversy By Comparing Humans to Animals

Catelynn LowellTeen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have never been shy about their pro-life beliefs. The couple famously chose life when they decided to give their biological daughter Carly to wonderful adoptive parents who could give her a stable life when they got pregnant at 16. Just recently, they traveled to Ireland to speak at the Love Life Festival.

Never one to shy from stirring the pot when she believes in something, Catelynn has vehemently defended her anti-abortion stance in the past via social media. Now that she and Ty are trying to conceive (yay!!), the subject must be especially on her mind, because the reality star took to Instagram on Friday to post a pic that is either pro-human or anti-endangered species, depending on how you look at it.

She added the caption, "Our priorities are so messed up things need to be changed!! How can they protect a eagle egg but NOT a unborn child? That's whack!! #chooselife #forall #quitkilling"

I cannot believe that Catelynn wants to destroy Eagle eggs!! Doesn't she know those things are protected? Even though they're not endangered anymore, the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act does indeed fine up to a quarter million dollars and two years in the slammer for even "disturbing" a bald or golden eagle egg.

Meanwhile it's totally cool in any state to end the life of your unborn child, no questions asked, with taxpayer money (thanks Obamacare!). That photo above is what a fetus looks like around the time that many women opt for abortion.

Now, you can make the argument that it's unsavory to point these things out, or to inform women as to the shape of that "clump of cells" they're having removed. I mean, it's not nice to tell people they're fat either, even if it is the truth. So fine. Go ahead and attack Catelynn Lowell for sharing information like "abortion stops a beating heart," because these women having abortions already know the painful truth of what they're doing, right? Why point it out? It's like, a million times worse than telling an obese person they're fat, right? Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Eh, I gotta side with Catelynn on this one. Until abortion providers like Planned Parenthood stop lying about fetal development to coerce women into having abortions they might not otherwise pursue ... pro-life advocates are going to speak out about it -- even ones as adorable and lovable as Catelynn and Tyler.

Do you think it's rude for Catelynn to make such controversial statements about abortion?


Image via Catelynn Lowell/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Liliane

"Until abortion providers like Planned Parenthood stop lying about fetal development to coerce women into having abortions..."

This is such an ignorant statement. Planned Parenthood, as well as all pro-choice organizations do not force anyone to have an abortion... they simply provide multiple options for women. If you want to talk about someone being coerced, lets talk about the pro-lifers like Catelynn and Tyler who believe it is humane to force a woman to carry out a pregnancy... regardless of the circumstances she's under.

The terms "pro-choice" and "pro-life" should be redefined. Pro-choicers are pro-abortion AND pro-life. The so called "pro-lifers" are anti-choice AND pro-forced-pregnancy.

nonmember avatar Jeni

Catelynn is brave and she's right. Some people will take that as rude, just as some people would have once thought it was "rude" to talk about racial equality, but that doesn't make them right. The semantics arguments are silly sometimes. Technically, both sides are pro-choice, it's just that pro-life advocates don't believe that ending life should be one of the choices. Especially when so many young women who abort are forced to do so by coercive parents and/or abusive and coercive partners. That's not real choice, and supporting that is abusive, not compassionate. I think in my lifetime, and Catelynn's we'll see the abolishment of both abortion and the death penalty. When Roe was decided America was not even ten years past Jim Crow! America has come so far already, and I do believe that in this century we can make things like racism, sexism, the death penalty and abortion relics that have no place in a future of peace, equality, and a respect for the dignity of every life.

happymia happymia

It should tell you something, when the Roe, in Roe vs. Wade is now anti abortion, and says that her biggest regret is that day in court. She now spends her life counseling women after abortions, as well as trying to stop abortions.

Julie Ridgley

This page needs to go back to writing tabloid articles, not being a political forum. This is ridiculous. 

Melissa Gibson

I don't think the author of this article has ever even read what Planned Parenthood has to say about abortion. Everything they have on their website is factual information, and they never "coerce" anyone into an abortion. Only 3% of their services are abortion related. And also, Obama declared it illegal to federally fund abortions that aren't in cases of rape or incest. You should probably do a little research before writing an article. It makes you look uneducated. Here's some sources for you to read up on!

Amanda Cooper

Who really cares what a reality show "star" has to say? Perhaps she should be more vocal about preventing pregnancy in the first place.

nonmember avatar Maria

I think you might be reading into that picture too much. She was simply stating that people care more about preserving animals well being and lives over our own species. People will fight for animal extinction and abuse and will get a serious consequence but they don't apply the same laws against abortion. I love animals and I'm definitely pro life so I understand where she is coming from.

nonmember avatar Christina

Never once, did she say she wanted to kill eagle eggs, or imply that she did. "I cannot believe that Catelynn wants to destroy Eagle eggs!! Doesn't she know those things are protected?" It's just messed up that society rather save a eagle egg before an unborn child. No, I'm not mad at Cateylnn, she's right.

Laura Parsons

just lost respect for this couple, anyone who would force someone to give birth is pretty twisted

nonmember avatar lynn

I have been perplexed by that very example for years if we protect the egg of an eagle in recognition that of left to fruition it would result in none other than an eagle how can we not protect the unborn baby humans on the same grounds???

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