Ben Affleck's Gambling 'Problem' Gets Him Banned From Vegas Casino for Life

Ben AffleckBen Affleck may have planned a romantic getaway to Las Vegas with wife Jennifer Garner before jetting off to Detroit to start filming his Batman movie, but he ended up getting escorted out of a popular casino by the authorities.

Apparently the well-known card shark was labeled an "advantaged player" after security at the Hard Rock Casino caught him counting cards at a high roller's blackjack table. A car service was arranged to take him back to his hotel and he was asked never to play there again.


An alert from a local security firm states that the 41-year-old actor was spotted him "moving his money with the count," which apparently has something to do with counting cards. He was allegedly using "perfect basic," which reports is "a common term for introductory card counting."

Counting cards is a way to keep track of which cards have been played already, so you can make smarter bets. For example, if you needed a low-value card to hit 21, you wouldn't bet if you knew they'd all been played. It's one thing to try to keep track of this in your head, but Affleck seems to been using the system of moving his chips to tell which values were still left in the deck.

The practice isn't illegal, but it's a big no-no in Las Vegas, even for A-list celebs like Ben Affleck. You'd think they'd let it slide, just because having him there would bring in more traffic (and therefore more dollars), but nope. Vegas takes its gambling very, very seriously.

No word on if Jenn rolled her eyes when she heard the news. This isn't the first time her hubs has been in the press over a card game. In 2011, it was reported that he once lost $400,000 in a single hand to movie mogul Ron Meyer in Hollywood's secret poker ring.

Well, at least he can afford it.

Do you think counting cards should get you banned from a casino?


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