Chris Harrison Breaks His Silence on What Eric Hill's Death Means for 'Bachelorette'

chirs harrisonBachelorette fans were stunned and saddened last month at the news that contestant Eric Hill died suddenly after a paragliding accident. But producers remained strangely silent about what his death would mean for the show. They were still taping season 10 of Bachelorette, and Eric had been filmed. How would they handle it? Finally this week, host Chris Harrison addressed Eric Hill's death and what it means for the show. But he still doesn't have any clear answers for us, except that it will be handled with respect.

Harrison told People, “It’s a horrible, horrible thing. He was taken away too young. t’s something we’ve never dealt with on the show. It didn’t only affect our cast, but also our crew who worked closely with him.” He says everyone needed some time to mourn Hill's passing and reflect on what had happened. A month later, Harrison says producers are still "not 100 percent sure" what they'll do. But he can say that "I feel like every decision we make will be out of respect."

This is the first time a Bachelor or Bachelorette contestant has died during the filming of the show. Bachelor star Gia Allemand died in August, but that was after her seasons had aired. Here's what other shows have done in response to a star's sudden death.

1. Steve Irwin of Crocodile Hunter died in 2006 while filming a scene from this daughter's show, Bindi the Jungle Girl. He was pierced through the chest by a stingray tail while snorkeling in shallow water. Bindi Irwin gave a televised eulogy for her father, and later hosted a television special, My Father the Crocodile Hunter.

2. When MTV's Buckwild star Shain Gandee died, the show was canceled a week later.

3. When Phil Harris of The Deadliest Catch died of a stroke while unloading crabs in Alaska, his death was featured on the show and there was a special tribute episode.

4. Real Housewives of Atlanta Kandi Burruss lost her fiance, A.J. Jewel, when he was shot in a nightclub fight. Producers postponed the taping of the season's reunion episode.

How should Bachelorette producers handle Hill's death?


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wendy... wendywendy

Never seen the show, but I'm guessing what they have filmed isn't flattering (or is cut that way), so now the producers need to figure out how to fix it to be respectful.

Turbo... TurboMom81

Steve Irwin did not die while filming a scene for his daughter's show. Just thought I would clarify that for you...

nonmember avatar diana

I think they need to talk with the family and have them say what they would like. Personally, I would let the show go on with a nice memorial posted before the show aired.

nonmember avatar Deb

I think you should show it as normal, but as he is let go, show a dedication to him and his video on Facebook.

Melanie Glass

I feel the show should be shown in it's entirety with a wonderful Memorial to him, he came on the show and I am sure that he would expect things to go on.

Kristen McGrath

Air the episode as it is and dedicate it to him - you see that on a lot of shows when they lose someone either crew or production. And TurboMom, Steve Irwin WAS killed while filming a new show - which was for his daughter I believe - while snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.

Kelly Halfpenny

I would DEF talk to his family and get their "input" as to how THEY would like the producers to proceed.

Vicki Eiseman-Diemer

I would definitely talk to the family & hopefully they would agree to go on with it. But do a beautiful memorial for him. Blessing to family & friends!

Danielle Griffin

I think they need to talk with his family and see how they will feel about them showing him on the show and all.. That will be a lot to cut out if he went on a lot of dates and all that.. But maybe his family will be ok with seeing him on there and then doing a good Memory thing for him kinda like they did for Gia when she passed and they showed all those sense of her and all I know whatever they do will be great and like Chris Harrison said it all will be done out of Respect!!

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