Why Luke Bryan Looked So Miserable at the iHeartRadio Show (VIDEO)

luke bryanThe best performance at last night's iHeartRadio Awards show wasn't on stage. It was in the audience. Did you happen to catch country singer Luke Bryan's face during Ariana Grande's performance? While Ariana shook her booty to "Problem," he and Blake Shelton actually looked like they were having a problem, scowling like a couple of uncomfortable dads at a high school talent show. Wow, I thought she did okay. Was it really that bad from where they sat? And what's with Rihanna's reaction

Riri bopped her head along with the hit at first, but later she was caught giggling behind her hand. Between her snickering and Luke and Blake's nonplussed stares, you'd think Ariana was The Worst, and not the recipient of the Young Influencer award. (I guess the two aren't mutually exclusive, come to think of it.)

Well at least Luke tried to make amends when he found out his scowl had gone viral. He used the photo for his Twitter background and then tweeted this:

Oh, riiiight, you were concentrating! Okay, Luke. We believe you. Here's what I think everyone was really thinking.

ariana grande

Ariana: OMG, black sequin mini-dress, white platform boots, and long extensions -- I am TOTES QUEWT!


Rihanna: Did she just try to twerk? Was that what I just saw, a twerk attempt? Bwa hahahaha, work it, girl!

blake shelton

Blake: Somebody please put me out of my misery. Right now. I am in pain.


Luke: Gotta pee. SO BAD! When is this thing over? 

It's okay, Luke. You can admit what you were really thinking. We've all been there. 

Do you think Luke actually hated Ariana Grande's performance, or was he just "concentrating"?


Images via iHeartRadio/YouTube

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nonmember avatar kel

they probably felt uncomfortable because she looks so young. I know she is legal, but it prIbably made them feel odd to watch someone that could be their daughter shaking her booty.

Morri... MorriganzMommy

I don't see this being some negative reaction. Rhi looks like she giggled purely because this little girl (not that She used little anymore) from a Nickelodeon show just went sexy. For luke and Blake, i just watched the video with the same expression. Not my type of music so im not going to be that enthusiastic about watching it.


She just looked like a girl who did the moves of someone who can't dance. I'd look bored outta my mind too.

Guest27 Guest27

I don't think they hated her performance, Rihanna was bobbing her head, and Blake was tapping his foot to the beat. I think that the older gents probably felt awkward getting enthusiastic about a young girl trying to be "sexy" as Kel mentioned, and Rihanna was probably just surprised that Ariana suddenly busted out a dance break. 

nonmember avatar Angela

Rihanna looked like she was giggling because Ariana just starts sexy dancing and it looked cute and unexpected. Guys look like the music just isn't their thing.

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