Jenelle Evans Takes Huge Pregnancy Risk So Close to Due Date

jenelle evansJust when I thought Jenelle Evans was all set making the right decisions and getting her life in order, she drops a bombshell. One that's making me wonder what in the heck is she thinking?!? She's going to Disney World. She tweeted, "trying to plan this Disney trip is really exhausting."

Now going to Disney isn't typically that big of a deal. Sure it's exhausting, but Jace is going to love it, and there will no doubt be tons of photo ops and arrghs once they go through the pirate rides. I could even see Jenelle getting all dressed up like a princess. Or at the very least some Minnie Mouse ears. Why this is totally bonkers is that Jenelle is eight months pregnant.

She's eight months pregnant and she's planning this trip? Is she going now? Next month when she's nine months pregnant? Is she planning on having Princess Aurora deliver the baby? Maybe she wants to have her baby at Ariel's Under Sea Adventure? Or rough it out at Frontier Land? I'm not saying that pregnant women need to stay put, but at eight or nine months pregnant, I can't help but feel that Disney and all the walking it entails might be a bit much for her. Plus, it's close to go-time ... you never know! Maybe Kaiser wants to come early.

Perhaps boyfriend Nathan Griffith is going to have some sort of push cart for her in case her feet get tired. She and Jace would sure look cute riding in some kind of Cinderella-type carriage. I'm hoping she remembers to stay hydrated. I'm tired just thinking about her journey, which I assume she's taking by car since flying that late in your pregnancy is not recommended. Oh Jenelle. Keeping things interesting as usual.

What do you think of this Disney trip so late in Jenelle's pregnancy? Would you or did you do a lot so close to your due date?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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Samal... Samalama319

Uhh maybe she is planning it for after the baby is born?

Ashley Elliott

no where does it say she is going right now she said she was planing a trip i think she is smart enough to wait till she has this baby and then go quite judding her so dang much

nonmember avatar rebecca52365

U r annoying, judgemental, and an idiot. So what if she goes to Disney and is towards the end of pregnancy. That doesn't mean she can't have fun and who said the trip was planned for now and not after her baby is born. Idk how u and others who write for this page have jobs, u all talk shit and judge people. U make the titles sound so serious over something that is normal and none of yr business. Get a fuckin life and stop tryin to steal money over someone else's personal life. U say she is taking some huge, dangerous pregnancy risk as u stated in title, and that's a lie and u don't even know her full story. U make assumptions and start rumors that are false and ruin her life and reputation. All because yr stupid ass uses her to make money.

nonmember avatar sarah

I think if she wants to go to Disney World right now it is her decision and noone has the right to judge her. If she feels up to going then she should. But nothing in the article said she was going right now anyway. Also, no matter where she is the baby is going to make his entrance into the world when he is well and ready to come. It doesn't make a difference about her location.

nonmember avatar stevie

Why assume she's planning to go while pregnant? Clearly she hasn't mentioned when they're going but she could be planning to go after the baby is.born.

nonmember avatar Lola

Um we planned our Florida trip almost a year in advance...Disney vacations are not something you can just plan and go to tomorrow or next week. Obviously she's not going for a day.

oOoLe... oOoLeilanioOo

She could be planning the trip for a year from now.....

DanaG70 DanaG70

What in the world did women do before now? I mean seriously, you would think women should be put in a bubble the minute they get pregnant the way some of you women act!

She's pregnant, a lot of women can work clear up until they give birth if the pregnancy is a healthy one. Walking will do a lot of good for her. 

Besides, it doesn't say they are going right now, or even a month from now, just that she is planning the trip.

nonmember avatar R

This is stupid. You can go to Disney World while you are pregnant. I was five months pregnant when I went to Disneyland last month with my husband and son. I didn't ride any of the rides that had a red exclamation point (no back/heart problems, or pregnant). Also, the last I checked, walking is great for pregnancy.

heave... heavenly1462

This is probably the 3rd article about Janelle that I have seen this week on the stir. Who cares about every move she makes! It seems like you guys at the stir have a bit of an obsession.

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