Pippa Middleton's Butt Is Back in the Spotlight After Winery Tour

pippa Pippa Middleton's bottom is still the subject of scrutiny. She looked so good at her sister Kate's Royal Wedding that denizens of the globe are still speculating: Is Pippa's bottom real? The controversy rose to the surface yet again when Pippa made a trip to France. She was visiting a vineyard in Bordeaux, which makes sense given her passion for food and entertaining and, you know, her job writing about it.

Stephane Bern, a Knight of the Order of Monaco and a self-professed "etiquette expert," used Pippa's visit to bring her fine derriere into the sun once more. His take on the subject? Pippa's behind definitely had enhancing on that fateful walk down the aisle. Call me crazy, but if you're an etiquette expert -- why are you talking about butts, real, fake, royal, and otherwise, on a television talk show? That seems tres outre, if you ask me.  

Bern theorizes that Pippa knew it was "her time to shine," and she chose to do so by wearing something that gave her a little lift, padding, or just shape in general. He's not the first person to say so. He won't be the last. It's almost like people refuse to believe that Pippa's white Alexander McQueen number could have ever looked so good upon her person.

Frankly, I think it's a little insulting! While Pippa keeps a good sense of humor about it, how would you feel if your ticket to fame was the shape of the junk thou mother hast given thee? I'd hate to be this girl but(t) -- while her butt looked great in the dress, it certainly didn't look padded. I've stared at maybe more photos than is natural and normal for a person to stare at and came to the conclusion that she did not accentuate her cheeks. Even if she did, it's definitely time people gave it rest, don't you think? 

Do you think people will ever stop talking about Pippa's backside?


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nonmember avatar chuck

pippa has a great ass. period.

Isabel Higham

It depends, how stupid can human nature get? I think it's time we let that one go.

Patricia Marchbanks

For heaven's sake people, get a life and leave others alone!

nonmember avatar Dan

I would rather read, and see for that matter, about her butt then that waste of space Stodden.

nonmember avatar Kaley Kennedy

I hope they never stop talking about her "backside" because it's beautiful!

Debbie Learn

I feel sad for people who have nothing else to do but to scrutinize someone else's behind. Their lives must be really empty.

Catherine Renton-Wilson

Really People it wasn't pippa's wedding it was Catherine's......don't make Pippa out to be the princess cause it was Kate! ....your narrow minded people i tell ya! call me ignorant, call me insane i really don't care stop the bullchit! always trying to destroy people wow!

John Sjuggerud

i like the duchess ,so im sure id like her family as well

Paul Schinider

Kate Middelton is Showing Her Butts http://tiny.cc/KateMiddeltonShowing

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