James Franco Embarrasses Himself Yet Again With Naked Selfie (PHOTO)

james franco instagramOMG. James Franco has posted a nude selfie. You have read that correctly. Nude. Naked. I was lucky enough to see it when it was up (not IT, but the photo) along with the caption: "JUMP ROPE." Franco looks tired and I realize that's about one of the worst things you can say about someone's looks, but he does seem sleepy or drunk, a little sweaty even. Unless he just took a shower.

Maybe Franco is being funny, making a statement sacrificing his own dignity, to shed light on the social media frenzy of kids posting nude photos of themselves. Or maybe I'm overthinking. Franco is 36. Exactly what is he thinking? Prepare yourself.

james franco nude

Oh hello, James.

I think he's lost his dang mind. This is going too far. Too far! Maybe he needs to put the phone down and slowly step away from Instagram. We love the parody stuff he does -- especially with Seth Rogen. But we're just barely getting over the last Instagram scandal when Franco tried to pick up a 17-year-old girl. He explained it away saying he was "embarrassed" and "used bad judgment" and has since "learned his lesson." So maybe that's why he has since taken down this nude selfie.

Until the next stunt ....

What do you think of James' nude selfie? What do you think about the fact he took it down?


Image via James Franco/Instagram

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Wyatt... WyattsMom772

I don't expect anything else from him. He's been wacky for years!

abra819 abra819

He looks like a rapist in this pic! lol

nonmember avatar Julia

There's wacky and then there's this. In the space of a month, he's admitted to trying to sleep with a teenager, admitted to kissing a teenage Lindsay Lohan (and in the process mocked her), petulantly called a film critic "a little b*tch"... and now this. He looks disgusting. As a long time fan I'm sad to say... he *is* disgusting.

iicar... iicarmerin

I used to be a fan and then he became creepy. He looks old and worn out.

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