Ariel Winter's Sister Granted Permanent Custody After Rape & Abuse Allegations

Ariel WinterRemember all that drama from about a year and a half ago with Modern Family actress Ariel Winter, when the then-14-year-old alleged that her mother was abusing her? A judge removed her from the home and placed her with her sister Shanelle Gray, who had been estranged from their mother for nearly 20 years for similar allegations.

Ariel Winter (now 16) has been with her sis ever since, and a judge has finally granted Shanelle permenant guardianship. Financial guardianship will reportedly stay with Ariel's father Glenn Workman until she turns 18 in January 2016.

This has got to be such a relief for the sisters. Whatever happened back home happened back home, but it's obvious they were both desperate to get away from their mom. Now they can finally relax a little knowing that the custody arrangement is as set in stone as it possibly can be in the California legal system.

It's been quite a drama-filled ride, as their mom, Crystal Workman, cried statutory rape after Ariel filed charges of abuse, claiming that her teenage daughter was only trying to get back at her for attempting to end the sexual relationship between her and her 18-year-old boyfriend. No word on if the sex actually happened, by the way, but sucks for mom to bring it up regardless.

Then last summer, Ariel's brother Jimmy Workman filed papers so he could get custody, claiming that Shanelle was a bad role model and was "poisoning Winter against her mother."

I love the girls' lawyer's response to that hiccup:

The allegations are nothing new ... We will handle them in court. Shanelle has taken excellent care of Ariel to date. It's interesting how Jimmy and Chrystal talk about repairing their fractured family, and then make allegations like this.

Indeed. Well, it seems like things are going well for the sister in the midst of an unfortunate and tragic family fracturing. Ariel told Teen Vogue in March 2013 that she's loving life with Shanelle. She said, "My life is definitely more normal -- and that'll help me grow up like I'm supposed to ... like, I always wanted to be a dancer, and now I'm taking dance classes. And I didn't have many friends. It was all about work. Nowadays, my sister's like, 'You're supposed to have friends. You're supposed to go out on Friday and Saturday nights.'"

Just last month she posted the sweet photo above of her and her sister to Instagram with a long love note expressing her gratitude to her big sis. She wrote, "You've done so much for me, and changed your entire life in the blink of an eye just to keep me safe, show me love, and adopt me into your, now our, beautiful family. I am forever grateful to you and am the luckiest girl in the world to call you my sister."

Sounds like a pretty normal and healthy teen life, even for a TV star. Maybe especially for a TV star.

Do you think it's sometimes better for an older sibling to raise a child than a parent?

Image via Ariel Winter/Instagram

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erin4... erin42278

Absolutely!! It's happened in many family's all over the world. Older siblings stepping in when the parent could't. It's great. One less child in the states custody.

can_c... can_can21

I don't know the whole story but it sounds to me like there is something more to the story. Ariel Winter sounds like a brat to me and one day she (and her sister) will regret it. 

nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

They don't give guardianship to a sibling without good cause. There is nothing bratty about the girl.

nonmember avatar Lena

can_can21, it sure does sound like something more to the story. Like there must be something SERIOUSLY WRONG with Ariel's mother for courts to give guardianship to her sister. They don't do that for no good reason.

Ajack324 Ajack324

I do have to wonder how much having access to her finances, she is under 18 after all, had to do with her mother trying to keep her then this brother popping in and saying oh well no, I should get guardianship. Sad and negative thought of course, but people have done worse for less.

nonmember avatar Mae

@ajack324 you are right. My husband gets his son every other weekend and this 10yr old brat tells lies and has been playing monkey in the middle since he was 4 between visiting with my husband grandparents or living with his mother and his visits with us. He finally got caught mocking the teacher in class and lying about it. So my husband gave him a butt whopping. That boy went and told his mother a lie why he got a butt whopping and the boys mother called Social Services on him. Now my husband has a restraining order on him. The son told the grandparents that he did that because he did not want a butt whopping anymore. That is ridulious. My husband has always lectured him about his lying ways and making my husband and the mother at it all the time because of his lies. The grandparents told him if he did not want to come over here anymore all he had to do was to say that and not blantley lie and say other lies. They also told him that your father could go to jail and he said OH I did not know that.

This goes towards that other article about punishing your kids with time outs that did not work. First time he has ever given him a butt whopping and it was 2 hits on his behind.

nonmember avatar Mae

@sickofhearing yes they do. Kids lie. And there is more to this story. I like Ariel Winter but I do not know her personally. She is 15 and her mother does not want her going out with an 18yrold but it's ok with the sister. Isn't that illegal the age? So sister is more understanding than the mother. I see why there is 1 reason she does not want to live with mommie. Yes of course have friends have fun but do not be like those Jenners {kardashian} siblings. Look at Ariel up until she went to live with sister. Looks can be deceiving on both sides.

nonmember avatar Mae

@can_can21 I totally agree

nonmember avatar dmtmay

Shame on ALL the people commenting about the statutory rape allegation and focusing on the "sex" rather than the fact that her Mother had abused BOTH her daughters and that isn't opinion it's fact,so says a court of law by awarding guardianship away from her Mother...puritanical nonsense

nonmember avatar Hmmm!

We'll if there was abuse on both sisters don't ya think the mom would have been prosecuted by now... I'm just saying something's up, let's see what happens 5 years from now there's a history of young starlets going the wrong path with non parental freedom,

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