Kim Kardashian May Have Cheated on Kanye With the Last Man You'd Expect

Kim KardashianBoy, there sure have been a lot of cheating rumors lately with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. First, Kanye supposedly cheated with 17-year-old protege Pia Mia; now a rumor comes out saying that Kim cheated when she first got together with Kanye -- and you won't believe with whom. Life & Style reports that Kim supposedly got together with Rihanna's one-time abuser, Chris Brown! Ewww. Serz?

A source tells the mag:

Chris not only told his close friends he hooked up with her, but also wrote a song, called "Loyal," about Kim. "When I call her, she gon’ leave/And I bet that bottom dollar she gon’ cheat."

Aww, so nice of Chris to write a song for her. Well, Kim and Kanye got together in April 2012, and I wouldn't be surprised if both of them were seeing other people at the time. Can it really be considered cheating if they'd just gotten together? I guess it depends what kind of conversation they had about their relationship -- and those two don't strike me as the types to have long conversations. Except maybe about fashion.

So if Chris really did confess this to a friend -- just sounds like bragging on his part. He may have even made it up. Or not said it at all.

Anyway, what's in the past is in the past. These two might be married already for all we know. Let's at least wait until the real cheating begins before we all start gossiping about cheating, 'kay? Shouldn't be long now. Ha! I keed, I keed.

Do you think Kim ever dated Chris Brown?


Image via PacificCoastNews



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nonmember avatar sandy

Kim and Kanye were friends long before they officially became a couple: Those early months were probably kind of loosely defined. So I give Kim a pass on this one. That said, this marriage seems like a misguided choice. Kanye seems a bit too slick, and I imagine that his version of love is more fantasy than reality. It feels as if the relationship is running on adrenalin, like a bomb just tick-tick-ticking away...

Dawn Dealmeida

I don't think either one of them cheated or r cheating.. There made 4 each other.. And as far as Chris Brown goes, he only wish he had Kim.. He's so not her type at all.. Good try Chris.. Kim I got Ur back on that one.. Lol

Mary Lou Morales Downing

I believe Kim was with Kanye while still married to Kris Humphries because he appeared on the New York kardashian show when they were opening their Dash store in NY. She definitely likes variety!

Beverly Morris

I got your back Kim! I don't she cheated on Kanye West, they are made for each other. But, I do think she should be sueing these guys for slandering her name. Also, why is Ray J not in jail. If the table would have been reversed and she was black and he was white, it wouldn't had gone that easy. I guess it's ok for a black man to disrespect woman of any race, BUT if a white man does it, it's consider racism. If we want to be seen and heard we must start with ourselves, by respecting our own race and ourselves. So how can expect another race to respect us when we go around disrespecting all races. We are no better than them! If Ray J did what he did to a five year old girl, he would be in jail. All women have mothers and that's how our mothers see us as five year olds. So if you have a daughter think before you have anything negative to say about a woman. To Kanye, thank you for being a strong man, that chooses to defend and love at all cost. I applaud you both! You be bless in Jesus name.

Kgomza Map

In a very simple way i'll put it to you that i do not think those wishful thinking ever saw the light of the day however, all the players are played.

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