Miley Cyrus Postpones European Tour As Illness Returns

Miley CyrusOMG, you guys, Miley Cyrus is sick again. It wasn't that long ago that Miley was released from week-long stay at a Kansas City hospital thanks to an allergic reaction to antibiotics, and she rescheduled tour dates and made some in Europe, and dang, she's now had to reschedule those too! Her rep told CNN:

After a period of improvement, Cyrus' symptoms have returned and doctors will not permit her to travel. This type of extreme reaction can last up to 27 days and Cyrus must remain under doctors' care at this time.

Miley no sooner announced her Europe leg of her Bangerz tour when she tweeted:

Oddly, however, the rep also said that Miley is still hoping to perform her May 6 show in London. How she's going to do that is unclear given that her symptoms have returned. It's also unclear if Miley is back in a hospital. 

Miley expressed her dismay at this return of her "so scary" illness by tweeting a long series of sad emoticons. (Also, Miley, it's "spoke too soon," not "to." Just FYI!)

It's pretty disconcerting that Miley has been sick for so long. But sometimes it takes a long time for bugs to go away. No doubt there will be continued speculation as to what is really wrong with Miley, but let's give Miley the benefit of the doubt that this allergic reaction has made her this ill. It must really suck for her to think she's doing better and then suddenly her symptoms come back. Yikes!

And to have all of this happen while on such a big tour. Ugh. She must hate disappointing her fans like this.

Get better soon, Miley.

Any words for Miley?


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nonmember avatar joyce

I think that this young lady better be very worried over her stupid things she has done on stage. Kissing strangers, drinking out of a strangers drink, and very sick sucking on a nasty thong that someone threw up on stage. Those are very stupid things and she better rethink her actions, IF its not to late already. The best to her.

there... theresaphilly

Sucking on that thong string was disgusting, this girl have no idea where that thong came from or what that girl had in her ass. Anyway, I had a bad reaction to penicillin and I was laid up in the hospital for two week and could not return to work for fifteen days afterwards. 

eyedo... eyedoleyes

Could be steven johnsons syndrome. do some research. her story is not farfetched. really i don't understand why cafemom writers are so terrible. isn't part of journalism to research possibilities as well and keep a non biased perspective? Don't get me wrong, it could be a cover for a different illness, but it is not so amazingly unlikely that its needed to apply such skepticism.

Taisie Taisie

Seriously? You just grammar natzi'd Miley Cyrus for using the spelling "to" instead of "too"? Have you never read your own articles? Because seriously woman, you are the pot calling the kettle black! LMAO

Septe... September32

Taisie... my thoughts exactly! 

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