Prince Harry Parties Hard in Miami Mere Days After Split With Cressida Bonas

Prince Harry MiamiJust days after the news broke that Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas have split, it's being reported that the spare to the heir is already living large in Miami. Multiple sources told Us Weekly that Prince William's little brother hit the party circuit on Wednesday night.

Prince Harry is stateside for his good friend Guy Pelly's wedding to Holiday Inn heiress Lizzy Wilson, which will take place in Memphis on Saturday. Kate Middleton has decided to let her hubby have a boys' weekend, as Wills is expected to join him there, where they will both serve as ushers.

Guy Pelly has been labeled a bad influence on Prince Harry in the past, but I'm guessing that he's grown up since the days he's rumored to have introduced the younger prince to pot. After all, he's not only getting married, but he's one of Prince George's godparents! And he hosted Wills' stag party (British for bachelor party -- they're so proper), and you know Kate wouldn't have approved of any shenanigans there.

Anyway, William is missing the fun of Guy's Miami bachelor party, but Harry sure isn't. A source says they hit multiple locations on Wednesday, including hot spots Hakkasan and LIV in Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

There were just over a dozen guests, and they dined on crispy duck salad, dim sum, Chilean sea bass, stir-fried Bahamian lobster, and charcoal grilled silver cod. They also apparently closed Hakkasan down before heading to LIV nightclub.

So is Harry taking full advantage of his newly single status? Oh my gosh -- did he break up with Cressida before this trip so that he could be single for it? No word on the former, but as for the latter, I doubt it.

It seems the decision to split was a mutual agreement. A royal family insider leaked, "It just felt right for both of them to end it. They're at different places in their lives right now ... it was a really tough decision to make, but they made it together."

Hey, maybe this break with friends and some "brothers' catch-up" time this weekend in Tennessee is just what Harry needs to move on after his breakup. It likely won't be long before another girl catches his eye, and it's always a good idea to get over the last relationship before moving on to the next.

Do you think Harry was partying hard in Miami or just having a good time with friends?


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waity... waitykate



I'm sure William couldn't wait to escape Kate after that tour. Must have got on his nerves in a horrible way, all cooped up with her. LOL.  Last year they had separate vacations...then Kate was without William on New Years Eve too {didn't stop her from going out to party and drink}....then he went to see ex-love Jecca Craig in Africa, without Kate.  Strange marriage.  I'll bet William has some real fun without the Duchess of Wedgies there to bog him down.

Patricia Bunn

Why don't they leave Prince Harry alone,and allow him some privacy.

nonmember avatar adam

theres lots of beautiful educated girls in america, hope harry meets one, who needs another pointles, useless, empty vessel like kate!

Elaine Moore

please leave Prince Harry alone the poor   guy  cant breathe without someone  commenting. 

Debbie Learn

Prince William, Duchess Kate and Prince Harry all can't seem to catch a break. Someone always disrespecting them or saying something mean about them. All of them being royal...they have to be very strong people to fend off the crap thrown at them. Prince Harry, have a great time this week-end! Prince William, you and Duchess Kate ooze such happiness. God bless all of you.

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