Robin Thicke May Have Cheated on Paula Patton With Worst Person

Robin ThickeDespite Robin Thicke's best efforts, he remains estranged from his wife, Paula, who called it quits with her sexy singer hubby in February, though they have yet to file for divorce. Since then, rumors have abounded as to what drove them apart, and those rumors center on Robin and his alleged penchant for women who are not his wife. But a new rumor puts an interesting twist on the old: Robin not only supposedly slept with a woman who wasn't Paula -- she also happened to be Paula's girlfriend. Huh?

According to Star magazine, Paula and Robin had, for the past two years, been sleeping with the same woman, a massage therapist given the fake name of Jasmine. 

But then Paula found out that Robin was sleeping with her on the side -- which I guess wasn't part of the rules! A source told Star:

Paula felt betrayed and humiliated by both Robin and Jasmine. These were two people she thought she could trust the most, but in the end everything backfired on her.

Supposedly Paula had agreed to let "Jasmine" into the bedroom to spice up their sex life -- but never gave Robin permish to get it on with Jasmine behind her back.

Pretty sneaky, Robin! He probably thought since Paula had agreed to sleep with Jasmine, she was fair game. Au contraire, my friend. These threesome arrangements can have a lot of boundaries and rules. Especially if a wife allows another woman into the bedroom, and it's done at the husband's insistence, the wife expects that the other woman will sort of act as a pacifier -- and keep the hubby from "cheating." So you don't expect hubby to then cheat with the pacifier.

Of course, this is Star mag we're talking; who knows how much of this is true. Robin's reps have denied the whole thing.

The bottom line is that when you're married, you don't ever sleep with another woman, unless your wife is right there cheering you on. And even then you should be careful. Could be a trick!

Do you think this story is true? Have you ever had a threesome go wrong?


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lind.... lind.shep

I expected to see that he cheated with Miley.

yobab... yobabywazup

Duh she let him screw her while she was around so of course hes gonna asume its ok! NASTY!

nonmember avatar Kyra

I had a threesome with my ex husband and his friend. He pressured me by saying I would if I loved him . His friend wasn't really into it either. Two years later his "friend" and I are best friends as well as lovers. Amazing great times. LOL And my ex is totally pissed that we have cut him out. LOL

nonmember avatar mesue


Wileen Byroads

I think Cameron Diaz s right.  They all cheat.  WHY do they bother to get married at all???????????????angry

pippi311 pippi311

This is why threesomes can be very dangerous and tricky.

nonmember avatar Sabine

Non-monogamy = guaranteed divorce.


nonmember avatar Amber

Smh. Well, duh! Cheating is cheating, whether it's consensual or not, and why would you ever think allowing you husband to cheat is the answer to your problems? Stupid woman. Of course he thought it was ok.

nonmember avatar Mae

Now you are writing crap from Star Magazine.

I am surprise at this site for doing that. Leave the filth to the Hollywood gossip magazine. I do not believe this is true at all. I like to hear gossip just has well has the next person but quoting Star Magazine..


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