Juan Pablo's New Job Is Bound to Make Nikki Ferrell Mad

Juan PabloStep right up if you want to witness Juan Pablo in the flesh, surrounded by tons of drunk women throwing themselves at him ... only 20 dollars a pop!

Uh huh, so despite the fact that his last club appearance in Atlantic City didn't go too well (a fan famously threw a drink in his face -- CLASSIC!), Juan Pablo is giving this whole make-ridiculous-money-for-partying gig one more try. This time: Las Vegas.

I know. Las Vegas as in ... Sin City. Not exactly a safe place for a typical bad boy. Especially since he's been rumored to have a wandering eye lately. It's safe to say he's better off in ANY other city.

Oh, Nikki. I'm sorry girlfriend.

Take a look at the ad:

Seriously, how much more can this girl take? She's already been publicly humiliated with the lack of "I love you"s and "Will you marry me"s on television. Now her boyfriend is basically making a living out of going to clubs. Awesome.

Of course she could always just go with him to the appearance ... but what fun is that? Watching your man get hit on by random women who clearly paid to be in the same room as him? Uh, sign me up. And if she doesn't go with him? God. I don't even want to know what's going to happen -- or the rumors that will start swirling.

Bottom line, this stuff's going to get old real fast. Nikki is not going to want to be constantly nervous that her man is going to stray away. Sure, these appearances are a great way to make fast cash, but given his reputation, it's probably not the smartest move.

Do you think it's wrong for Juan Pablo to do this? Does Nikki have a right to be mad?

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count... countrygirl48

if i was her and he did that it sure would be the end of all the bull i would leave him and move on because he does not care about her of her felling,s or he would have done told her he loved her and 2 if he did care about her he sure would not be doing all that he is doing to her Nikki u are so much better then that u can,t keep putting up with his bull shit there is Mr, right out there waiting to have a very pretty woman like u and that will tell u he love,s u and will show u off to the world like a real man should show off his woman and tell her just how much he does love her 

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